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One Grandma’s Response to John Crist’s “Every Parent at Disney”

by Megan

If you’re not one of the 3.5 million people who have watched John Crist’s “Every Parent at Disney” YouTube video, then get ready for a treat.

In the video, John goes through a day at Disney like any normal parent, spouting off comments that you just might have heard yourself say before!

“Well is it air-conditioned? If not, I don’t want to go.”

“How are there possibly so many strollers?”

“Elsa’s not coming out today…you better let it go!”

I saved the best one-liners for you to hear yourself. Go ahead and have a watch and feel the pain that, if you’ve been a parent at Disney, is probably very real to you!

A Grandma’s Response to “Every Parent at Disney”

Well, my mother saw John’s video and thought it was just about the funniest thing. She couldn’t stop quoting it. Having been a parent and now a grandparent at both Disney World and Disneyland, let’s just say she strongly identified with his plight!

SO, she made the most amazing thing…

My mom spent hours compiling photos from Disney parks. She scoured through hundreds of photos of my kids from throughout the past 10 years of Disney trips.

She even went to Disney World several times to get new photos, to match the text…and picked up a Portuguese map.

The end result was this incredible, funny, sweet photo book filled with pictures and John Crist’s “Every Parent at Disney” text.

The kids and I had a blast flipping through the pages, reading the words, and seeing how she found the perfect photos to go along with them! She even included Disney stickers that matched each page!

I didn’t include a picture of every page, but she had a page for every single line from the video! These were my favorites- hope you enjoy!

Every Parent at Disney – in photos!

Love the magic bands pic! Let’s do this!

Oh so true. Those ears are not cheap, but come on, you gotta “get your ears on!”

My mom thought John’s terror at seeing Tigger approaching was especially hilarious, and she just happened to catch Tigger sprinting toward her one day!

We spent quite a bit of time in the France pavilion one year, as my son was recording a video on France for a class presentation. This part of the video cracked us up!

Yes, she even made ham sandwiches and brought them to the park to take pictures of them. That’s commitment right there.

But her commitment wavered when faced with whether or not she could force herself to put some garbage on the ground. Nope, couldn’t do it! She had to make a special “note to reader” to let them know that there’s no garbage on the ground in such a magical place! She settled for some pictures of variously-themed trash cans.

The first time we went to visit the Frozen sisters… yup, just Anna! Luckily we are big Anna fans, despite Melody’s sad face in the upper left corner (but how perfect is that pic for this page?)!

Let’s just move on before a certain song gets stuck in your head…

Yep, she even went specially to get a picture with Gaston! She said she loved it because he was so hilarious. Sure, Grandma, that’s why you liked him…!

Bottom right corner is my sister and her fiance at the Halloween party, creatively gender-swapping Belle and Gaston. They were the hit of the night!

Actual photos of actual exhausted kiddos at Disney! And one Grampa!

Park benches…in the shade…enough said.

Long lines and one little cutie with Buzz Lightyear!

Love that she found these pics of the kids pointing in different directions! Gotta keep going, Grandma! Pick it up!

She even grabbed a couple of real maps in Portuguese.

And finally, “I will spank you into Tomorrowland!” Along with a sheepish picture of Mickey, because this Grandma would never think about spanking her sweet little grandkids.

Even after a long day at Disney!

This sweet grandma combined the text from John Crist's Every Parent At Disney with photos from the Disney parks to make this sweet and funny photo book!
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Sharon Weeman (Gramma) May 18, 2019 - 10:31am

Awww…thanks for sharing my book! I love your commentary! John Crist absolutely nailed Disney with kids! Disney truly IS the most magical and happiest place on earth, but I’m sure every parent/grandparent that has spent time at the Disney Parks can relate to John’s observations! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched his video and laughed out loud. John Crist is hilarious!