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by Megan

Today I’m linking up with Saige Wisdom and sharing some of the things I’m crazy about right now!

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1. These dishes from Corelle! I have been lusting after them for at least a year or two now, and I finally ordered two sets with birthday money! I can’t wait to get them! My kitchen is beach-themed and blue, and my hallways (one wall of which extends into my kitchen) are a sandy brown, so these are absolutely perfect. I’m stoked to have all matching dishes, and once they get here I’m going to rearrange my kitchen (organizing, be still my heart)!

Harold Imports Chopstir

2. The ChopStir! You need it! Trust me! If you ever cook with ground beef, this thing is a lifesaver. We have tacos a lot, and I never ground the meat up enough because it just takes too long. I saw this same tool from Pampered Chef, but decided to go with the cheap version ($7!) on Amazon, and it works like a charm!

3. These lunchboxes which I saw featured on Bleubird.

Clearance! 10K White Gold Diamond and Lab-Created Emerald Ring

4. I’ve wanted this ring since I had my first baby in 2008. I was going to get it with his birthstone, but now that I have two kids, and plan to have more, I want to get it with my birthstone (emerald). It’s no longer being sold online, so the only option is to get it from Kay store that has it in stock. Let’s hope they keep it in stock, because it’s not in the budget right now!

What are you crushing on? Head over to Saige Wisdom and link-up your latest loves!

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Jena June 3, 2012 - 1:12am

I’ll take one of each please!!

Cute blog! I love your post signature with the swirly arrow. I wish I was creative!

Dani June 3, 2012 - 2:00am

Love the shoes!! And I need to get my son that lunchbox!!

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} June 3, 2012 - 2:13am

this is the first I’ve heard of the chopstir and I’m 100% SOLD. Your kitchen sounds so nice and beachy… ours is a bit earthy which doesn’t match anything on Pinterest as it seems the rest of the blog population has white walls. I SO appreciate you linking up – it’s always embarrassing when it’s just me, myself & I – ha! I’m going to try to figure out my scanner and/or use an iPhone app so I can participate in your next ‘a look back’ link up. *mwah!*

Fitra2009 June 3, 2012 - 5:54pm

Wow…. You has get a great blog. I’m very interesting to leave your comment here.

Lets keep blogging and writing. And dont forget to leave your comment into my new blog

Brit June 4, 2012 - 8:13am

Beuatiful ring! Hope you get it soon ;) Genius, chop/stir! Pretty sure I need one of those ASAP! Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.