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Nuby Comb and Brush Set

by Megan

Oh hai! Yep it’s me, Harrison, back to tell you about another one of my baby days. I mean big boy! Big boy days! Cuz I’m two now, and that’s how we roll.


This morning my mom gave me a bath. I sure do love to play in the tub. But that resulted in my ca-razy hair!


I was more interested about the cars in my book. Car, vroom! Car, vroom! Two car, vroom! He he, my favorite words!


The people at Nuby (baby, I mean big boy, products, whoo whoo!) sent us this brand-new brush and comb set to try out- aren’t they so nice?! My mom opened it up, to take care of my aforementioned ca-razy hair!

I wanted to help out too!

It was like magic! Check out my sweet hair, now!


Oh yeah, so smooth. Just how the ladies like it. And by ladies I mean my mom and Gramma, of course! Tee hee.


If you want your baby to look as totes adorbs as me, you can find this set (in lots of different designs) at J.C. Penney or Amazon. Have a great (big boy) day!

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