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Our Family’s Favorites on Netflix #StreamTeam

by Megan

It’s time again to share what we are watching on Netflix this month, and I thought I’d share what we are all enjoying, from Mom and Dad down to the baby!

That’s his “watching Elmo” face.

One thing I love about Netflix is the variety and sheer volume of selections. You can watch all day and never get bored. Not that…we…do that…

Daniel and I have been binge watching the British series Derek, starring Ricky Gervais. There are just two seasons, so you could watch the whole show in a day, and you’ll want to. Most episodes have made me laugh out loud and cry! The acting is fantastic, too. We have just two episodes left, and I’m going to need to check out Netflix’s recommendations for something to fill the void!


Pets at our house come in two forms: stuffed and digital. Carter and Vanessa’s favorite kitty is Puss in Boots from the Shrek series. They just love when he starts to act like a real cat, showing his big kitty eyes and batting things around! Well it’s good news for them because the swashbuckling feline just got his own series on Netflix, The Adventures of Puss in Boots!


And I’m happy to report that baby Harry has finally started using a few words. The one he likes the most? “ELMO!”


Yep, he’s discovered the furry red monster, and he’s in love. All day long, “Melmo, melmo!” Luckily Netflix has a Sesame Street series that features the little guy.


This series has been a lifesaver in that late afternoon dead zone when it’s not quite dinnertime, and all the toys have been played with. Actually, all three kids will sit together and watch this! Harry also loves an Elmo video before bedtime. “Melmo!”

Those are our family’s latest picks! What have you been streaming?

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