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My Little Monkey

by Megan

You are getting a double dose of Vanessa this week, which is just fine since it’s almost her birthday! This will be the week of Vanessa.

My little monkey started gymnastics last week. Carter is on his second session of a preschool gymnastics class, and now that I’m done teaching, I’m free to take Vanessa to a Mommy and Me class.

She LOVES it! At Carter’s first class of this session, she watched from the window saying “my turn, my turn!”

Her first class was more of a workout for ME, as they set up a circuit of activities, and it was up to us moms to take our kids around to each activity and help them do it. The teacher was very helpful too, and she was so good with Vanessa!

They did a circuit on the bars, a circuit on the floor and mats, and then we went into the big gym to jump on the trampoline. Vanessa was a little apprehensive of the trampoline at first, but her teacher picked her up and jumped while holding her, then she jumped while holding her hands, and from then on Vanessa was all set and jumped by herself!

We went again last week for her second class, and started with another circuit on the bars. Vanessa has developed a new love…hanging from things. She’s really good at hanging from the bars, and now she thinks she can hang from anything!

For the second activity, we took the kids over to the foam pit and just let them jump into it, and we’d pull them out. That was my favorite part of the class, since I got to sit and throw foam blocks at her head relax! For the third circuit we went back into the preschool room (did I mention the gym has a room dedicated to their preschool classes?!), and did a circuit on the floor. I was so impressed that Vanessa could do forward rolls and a plank on two different mats!

I love that both kids enjoy their gymnastics classes, and it gives us an excuse to get out of the house, be active, and be around other kids twice a week!

For locals who are interested, we go to Oasis Gymnastics in Peoria, AZ. This is not a sponsored post, but I do highly recommend them!

And since Carter hasn’t had much attention on the blog lately, enjoy this little gem…

Have a wonderful week! It’s a busy one for us, and on Wednesday we should have a big (little?) announcement!

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brittany t February 12, 2013 - 12:35am

how cute!! future athlete there! :) Ooooh i can’t wait to hear the surprise!