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My Little Man

by Megan

So my little guy turned 1! This is a little belated; he turned 1 on August 29th. Here are some recent pictures from the last few months:

Here’s what’s new with Carter:

*He finally decided that walking was cool enough for him to take part, and now he walks all over the place!
*He loves to laugh, so he does silly things to crack Mommy and Daddy up.
*He loves to eat…especially cookies.
*He has very good dexterity and will sit for a long time trying to fit things together or put one thing into another.
*He’s very easy-going and has fun wherever he is- whether it’s been at the old house, new house, Gramma’s house, or the many car rides we take.
*He likes to dance and will bounce up and down when he hears music.
*He’s just a happy little guy, enjoying his life to the fullest!

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1 comment

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Tenney October 6, 2009 - 6:17pm

Man oh man what a stud! So proud to call him nephew!!