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My life…lately

by Megan

We are now in the middle of the end-of-the-school-year rush of activity, and of course I am loving being busy. Here are the things that are taking up my time at present:

First, of course, is my darling little boy! I can’t believe how quickly the first 19 months have flown by! I have a little boy now, not a baby.

We spend most of every day together, and I wouldn’t trade that time for the world. Daniel does a great job of giving me breaks, and two days a week my mom watches Carter while I’m working at her house, so that breaks things up as well, and I still get to see him all day.

Carter finally had his talking break-through, and now he has around 10 words that he consistently says, and he is able to repeat most other words. It is so cute to see him point at pictures and say “Dad!” or “Mum!”

The next thing I’m involved with is the Gila Valley Temple Cultural Celebration. The temple will be dedicated on May 23rd (my birthday!), and the night before, the youth of the temple district will be performing songs and dances to celebrate the event. President Monson will be in attendance, along with other Salt Lake VIPs.

I’m our stake’s Dance Director, so I’m running rehearsals with the youth every week to get them prepared. It is really fun and exciting. I’ve never worked with such huge numbers of dancers before, so it’s a new experience, and I am loving it!

We’ve also been spending some time gardening. Neither Daniel nor I have any experience, so we don’t really know what we’re doing, but we’re having lots of fun experimenting.

The other day I said, “The pioneers are probably turning over in their graves!” But then Daniel reminded me that many of them found themselves in unfamiliar territory where they probably had to guess as to what would work to grow there. Luckily our survival doesn’t depend on whether our garden flourishes or not.

We started a small vegetable garden at the side of our yard, and I’ve cleared out a place along the front of our house to plant flowers. I’ve never really been that interested in gardening, but now that we have our very own land, I’m committed to making it beautiful!

In addition to everything else, I have been SO SICK! It started literally back in December with a sinus infection that I never took care of, so I just continued to be minorly sick throughout the next few months, and then a couple of weeks ago I hit rock bottom and finally dragged myself to urgent care.

They sent me for a chest x-ray and diagnosed me with pneumonia. I got a shot of antibiotics, plus a prescription for more antibiotics. After a couple days of taking the pills, I started to feel better, and then things got even worse.

I made another doctor’s appointment, and there they gave me a prescription for more antibiotics, cough medicine, and an inhaler. My cough and my lungs are doing much better, but now I think I’ve got tonsillitis! It may just be a really bad sore throat, because I don’t have a fever, but it is so painful to swallow. Anyway, I have pills to take for another week, so hopefully everything will resolve itself out soon!

Another thing I’m working on is getting out of debt! Buying a house came with a lot of extra expenses, and so we’ve got some debt to pay off. Daniel and I talked about it briefly last night, and we figure with a two-year plan we can get it all taken care of.

That will work out well, because at that same time, we’ll be finished paying off our car, and we are hoping to do some traveling that summer (but not this summer or next, so it works out). I keep really good track of our money, and I plan out several months in advance, but I hadn’t set a long-term plan, so now I’m going to do that.

The thing that is going to affect our plan the most is health insurance! The first couple of years Daniel was teaching, we were both on his school plan, and it worked really well for us. Then, they basically doubled the price, which would have been about a $320 a month pay cut! Luckily we had already had Carter and didn’t need maternity care for the next year, so we looked into other options.

The school gives each employee $5000 toward their insurance, so we decided we didn’t want to lose that, and we kept Daniel on the school’s cheapest plan. Carter and I stayed on the dental plan through the school, and we got ourselves a separate, private plan, which costs $140 a month. So instead of taking a huge pay cut, we ended up saving money! Unfortunately, our private plan doesn’t include maternity.

I was thinking we would have to have a really tight financial year and go back on the school’s expensive plan, but it looks like we qualify for AHCCCS. Daniel doesn’t, but I believe they will cover Carter and me and any more babies that come along. Even if they won’t cover us for regular insurance, I’m almost positive they will cover maternity care. If that works out for us, we will be doing really well, because we’ll have all the extra money we saved this year, every year!

So I realize how boring this probably was to read… Anyway, the exciting part of all that is that we are just about ready to try for another baby! I am hoping to be pregnant by July 1st… we’ll see!!!

And that segues really nicely into my last topic, the original point of this blog, which is weight loss! I have done a terrible job of losing my baby weight, and now that I’m getting ready to have another one, I’m trying to do better, because I don’t want to start a second pregnancy way above my previous pre-pregnancy weight.

After having Carter, I lost almost all the weight in the first few months, but then some of it came right back! Being sick has actually helped a little bit, because for awhile there I was either not eating or throwing up everything I ate! I still have a long way to go, though, so I’m trying to do better. I’ve hardly been able to exercise because of having pneumonia, but hopefully soon I’ll be able to do more.

I have a few deadlines for myself, including prom (which Daniel and I are going to!) on April 17th, and my birthday in May. I’m hoping to be where I’d like to be by then. And regardless of where I’m at when I start my next pregnancy, I will try not to gain as much as last time!

So that’s what I’m up to this spring!

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