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My First Fix

by Megan

I finally got the chance to try out Stitch Fix, the personal stylist company that the blogging community is raving about! I will tell you this- there is a reason everyone is excited about it. It is AWESOME!


Here’s how it works. You pay $20 and fill out a survey about your clothing/accessories style, likes and dislikes, sizes, and preferences. There is also a place to just write any details you want to add about your personal style and what you might like to try. Then Stitch Fix sends you a box filled with 5 lovely items that a stylist (actual person) chose specifically for you! I am serious about the personal attention, check it:


When you get your Stitch Fix box, you try on all the pieces, and then you go online to their website and let them know which ones you are keeping, and which you are sending back in their prepaid envelope. Your $20 covers the styling service, shipping, and return shipping, AND if you buy anything, you can apply that $20 toward your purchase! And if you buy everything you get 25% off all of it!

The cool thing is that you also give feedback on each piece, so your future Fixes will just get more and more tailored to you, your size, and your style!

Ready to see what I got in my Fix? Here you go!


This chevron blouse is perfect. The size was right, the fit was flattering, and I love the print. It has a hi-lo hem, a skimming fit, and it’s lightweight. I don’t always love 3/4 length sleeves, but these are just right. I pretty much haven’t taken this shirt off, and there you go, spoiler alert, yes I bought it!


This dolman sweater gave me a dilemma. I had already purchased one shirt, and I wasn’t necessarily in the market for another top, but ultimately (spoiler alert again #can’tkeepsecrets) I could not resist how soft and comfortable this top was! It’s flattering, goes with anything (jeans here, wore it with a skirt to church, and, um, I wore it to bed!), and did I mention it’s comfortable?! So lovely to wear. Wearing it right now as I write this. I almost didn’t buy it because it’s already very hot in Phoenix, and it’s not really a summer top, but I’ll just have to wear it all winter long!


A lot of people on Instagram were big fans of this top, especially the sleeves:


It is cute and more flattering than it looks in the photos, but ultimately it wasn’t for me. It was very sheer, and although I liked the back design with its keyhole button opening at the top, the front was a little plain-looking.

Then we have the dress. This was just a miss. It was just a bit on the tight side, I didn’t like the way the stripes went, and it was a good 3-4 inches too short for me. It would be a good choice for someone else, but it didn’t work on me.


The necklace was pretty, but I just wasn’t really in the market for a necklace at the moment, unless I had been really wowed.

So ultimately I bought the white and navy chevron blouse and the green heathered striped dolman top, and I couldn’t be happier. Seriously, I paid a little bit more than I usually like to spend on tops, but I’ve already worn both shirts a ton, and I know I will get my money’s worth. I try not to buy clothes unless I’m super in love with them, and I’m super in love with both of these tops!

Stitch Fix has a great referral program, too. Once you order a fix, you’ll get a referral link, and when anyone orders a fix through your link, you get a $25 credit into your account! That means for each referral, you can order another fix without having to pay the styling fee, plus you’d get $25 toward your order!

I’m already feeling the need to get another fix…Stitch Fix that is, so if you think it sounds like fun, click here to order your first fix, and help feed my addiction!

What did you think about the pieces they sent me? What would you have kept?

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Brook May 12, 2014 - 7:03am

I tried Stitch Fix either 3 or 4 times. The last time was so awful, I vowed never again. Of course I’m already thinking I need to try it once more. ;) One of my previous items that I kept looks just like your heathered dolman – but my stripes are black instead of mint. I think the dress is cute, but I understand about feeling it is too short or feeling too tight. I’m glad you had some hits in your box!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang May 12, 2014 - 9:28pm

Oh, you look so cute! I love both of the tops – great choices! And the note in your box – so, so thoughtful.