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My Big Big Friend Toys Are Here!

by Megan

Great news for fans of My Big Big Friend! They are finally making some of My Big Big Friend toys available in the US! This is awesome news for those of us who have little ones who are “Big Big” fans of the show!

My Big Big Friend Toys- available for a limited time! Get them for your little My Big Big Friend fans while you can!

Let’s back up a second. If you don’t already know, My Big Big Friend is a kids’ show, based in Brazil and Canada. The show revolves around three young kids: Yuri, Lilli, and Matt, and their giant imaginary animal friends. Each show centers around a problem or conflict that the kids learn to solve, with help from their big big friends of course. My own kids have learned problem solving skills from watching the show (“Mom, it’s just like on My Big Big Friend, when Matt had to eat his tomatoes!”).

Well the show was picked up by Netflix. This of course resulted in many kids in the US falling in love with the show, but no toys or stuffed animals have been available to purchase, until now!

The producers of the show recently made an announcement on their Facebook page that they are testing an international online store, where they have started selling stuffed versions of the show’s three main animal friends: Bongo the kangaroo, Golias the elephant, and Nessa the giraffe.

My Big Big Friend store

This is a trial period, and quantities are limited, so don’t miss out! These will go fast, but hopefully it will show them that there is definitely a market in the US for these toys, and they’ll offer more in the future!

Click here to go get your My Big Big Friend toys now!

Then be sure to come back here and check out my My Big Big Friend page– full of resources for lovers of the show, including coloring pages, party supplies, and more!

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Anastasia Sims December 13, 2016 - 1:57pm

I went to the website and they were sold out! Total bummer! My 3.5 yr old has loved this show for 2 years. We can never find toys of course. I got so excited when I found this page, but they are sold out. *sigh*