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Monday’s food

by Megan

Here’s what I had today- I think I did fairly well. I grazed quite a bit rather than having real meals, and the baby kept me busy enough to be eating at odd times. I definitely didn’t have enough water! I did one 20 minute walk and one ab workout.

9am- yogurt, juice
11am- one rectangle of hershey’s chocolate (a mistake- I just forgot! But literally one rectangle, the smallest piece you could break off)
11:45- 2 bites of Daniel’s turkey sandwich and 1 sip of his chocolate milk
1:15- 2 juice boxes
2:30- half a subway sandwich (foot long cheese and veggies), 12 oz water
4pm- the other half of the sandwich, 12 oz water
6pm- vanilla pudding
8pm- two bowls of cheerios w/ skim milk, juice

Total calories- 1835

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