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The Story of the Paint Spot (or Oh No the Carpet!)

by Megan

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This is “The Story of the Paint Spot” or “why you need Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpets.”

When I was a teenager, my parents moved into a nice, new house (not brand-new, but pretty new, and new to us!). It was a gorgeous, two-story with archways, a screened-in porch, a sprawling yard, and huge bedrooms.

One day my mom decided the off-white walls just weren’t doing it for her. She decided on a deep royal blue for the master bedroom.

Here is how she describes what happened while she was painting:

“It was like something out of a movie, or a bad dream. Everything started to move in slow motion. I saw the paint can start to tip, and the paint start to fly through the air. Then finally the paint can came to rest. Upside down. On the off-white carpet.”

That paint “spot” was there to stay, for awhile at least, until my parents had to completely re-carpet the entire upstairs. I say “spot” but it was a good 4-foot-diameter circle of hardened blue paint. It was like a landmark at our house. “Let’s read books on the paint spot!” “Tag! Paint spot is gools!” (Sidenote: Does anyone know what “gools” is, or is that a New England thing?)

My parents had to spend a hefty sum of money to recover from that mishap, but these days it could have been avoided!

On Saturday I attended the Day of the Cowboy festival, in Gold Canyon, Arizona, which was one of the stops on Mohawk Flooring’s nationwide “License to Spill” tour. They had a booth at the festival, and they were showing everyone how amazing their new SmartStrand carpets are.

My kids joined in the fun, spraying the sample carpet with ketchup and all sorts of colorful liquids. It’s not often that Mom would let them do something like that! Later in the day, the Mohawk crew demonstrated how easy it was to clean the entire carpet, which then looked brand-new!

#licensetospill #shop #cbias

The SmartStrand carpets have permanent stain resistance built into the carpet fibers, which ensures that it will never wear off. Most carpets have a topical treatment that wears off after a while, but SmartStrand holds up for as long as you have the carpet.

I chatted with the Mohawk representatives and the BetterTV crew who were there covering the event, and at one point I overheard one of the Mohawk reps telling another person about how they had a rhinoceros live on one of the carpets for two weeks, and it survived (the carpet, I mean, though I’m assuming the rhino did as well)!

#licensetospill #shop #cbias

To clean the carpets, all you need is water! In some case you might want to use a mild detergent such as dish soap, but no carpet cleaners with harsh chemicals are needed!

They had some sample carpet squares, so Carter put one to the test:

How cool is that?!

We walked around a bit and took in the rest of the festival. Carter and Vanessa had to hug this guy:

#licensetospill #shop #cbias

Then Carter wanted to be a horse:

#licensetospill #shop #cbias

There were some couples doing a square dance, which I just find fascinating. I’m a dancer, but square dancing is so unique in that they have a live caller who tells the dancers what to do next, and they just do it! I was surprised they didn’t all crash into one another! I’m not going to lie, I kind of want to try it sometime.

And Daniel enjoyed some of the sample ribs made right there at the Gold Canyon Golf Resort by Aaron Friedman, who prepared an amazing feast for the festival attendees, including bbq chicken, cheddar buttermilk cornbread, and apple cobbler!

#licensetospill #shop #cbias

 And I had to cuddle with the SmartStrand carpet. Hey, it was really soft!!

#licensetospill #shop #cbias

You can follow Mohawk via Facebook and Twitter, to stay updated on their products and promotions.

Mohawk is the world’s largest flooring manufacturer, so they know what they are talking about where carpets are concerned! Might want to think about checking them out…especially if you think you might be, ahem, painting while standing on a shaky table. Love you, Mom.

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Heather November 6, 2013 - 4:25pm

I can’t imagine having that type of paint mishap! This was such a fun event and the carpet is amazing!

Tara November 8, 2013 - 1:59pm

Wow that paint story gave me chills hahaha! It was really great meeting you at the event. I had so much fun watching the little ones make messes.

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