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Modesty, To Me

by Megan

Good morning! Today I am reposting a guest post that I did over at Flats to Flip Flops. If you missed it then, enjoy it now!

Although my blog is not exclusively a fashion blog, I do outfit posts every week or so. It’s also a great way to showcase some of the fashion accessories that I sell!

Sometimes I even do kids’ fashion posts!

Ashley and I decided to swap guest posts about why we choose to dress modestly. We realize that the term “modest” can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways, but we essentially define modest dressing as being covered from shoulders to knees. This choice of ours stems from our membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (“Mormons”). We believe that how we dress is an outward expression of our respect for our bodies and for other people.

As I browsed the web for some inspiration for writing this post, do you know what was the first thing I found? Hate. It made me very sad and scared to write this post. I want to make two important points:

  1. You don’t have to be “Mormon” or Christian to dress modestly.
  2. We don’t think people who dress differently from us are bad people.

We choose to dress a certain way because it makes us feel good, not because it makes us feel better than anyone else.

I have found recently that when I go on Facebook, I am inundated with images and comments that are hateful toward Christians, but when I visit my favorite blogs and communicate with others throughout the blogging world, I feel only love and acceptance for all, religious or not. I feel comfortable expressing my beliefs while surrounding myself with amazing women who have a wide variety of personal beliefs and faiths. It’s great!

Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous July 18, 2012 - 1:32pm

I love this post! I will say I don’t cover myself like that every day, but most days I do [maybe not down to my knees, but definitely to my shoulders]. I don’t like going on to Facebook and seeing a bunch of pictures of half naked girls that (some) I call my friends. I wish [again some of] my friends would dress more modestly than they do because sometimes it makes me not want to be seen with them when they are dressed like that.
Thanks for the post!!

Meredith Hilton July 18, 2012 - 9:41am

Love what you said – that dressing modestly makes you feel good! Wish more people had that perspective! :)