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Mimi’s New Menu

by Megan

On October 9th, Mimi’s Cafe welcomed local bloggers in the Phoenix area to their dining room to enjoy selections from their new menu. Kate and I both attended with our husbands, and the food and company was outstanding!


Have you ever had food prepared specially for you by a professional chef? I have now!

When we were invited to dinner at Mimi’s to sample their new menu and “meet the chef,” I just assumed it would be the local chef. Not so! We met Katie Sutton, Executive Chef for Mimi’s (as in head of the whole chain). She sat with us and chatted about the new menu, with its focus on providing authentic, delicious French food at an affordable “family” price.

We got to sample three different appetizers, including a Baked Brie, which Katie prepared for me (she had a specific method of the best way to experience it):

Baked Brie #appetizer #MimisNewMenu


I think getting to chat with Chef Katie was the highlight of my night! She made every bite so fun! I loved how she kept ordering things for us to try. I can’t believe she got me to try my first mussel!

I think I was just so in awe of her true passion for food and really making French cuisine affordable for everyone. I was amazed by her resume and truly felt honored to be trying the creations she was making for us. To know that Mimi’s trusted their entire menu redirection to her – Wow!


I also tried my first mussel! You’d think I would have had one before, being from Maine, but nope! P.S. Kate, I’m still laughing at Brian’s “lobster tree” comment.

The food just kept coming! We tried three different appetizers (Daniel loved the seafood crepes), and we each ordered a soup or salad. Daniel got the Caesar salad and I tried the Tomato Bisque soup. We shared both, and both were fantastic! Hmm…do you think I enjoyed my Tomato Bisque…?

Tomato Bisque #soup #MimisNewMenu


I tried the pumpkin bisque and it disappeared a little too quickly :) (Brian may have helped with the disappearing act) and this was just the first course!

Then it was time to choose our main course. Then new menu is so elegant – every single item made my mouth water. Chef Katie sat with us, listened to what our likes and dislikes were, and made suggestions.

So excited to try #MimisNewMenu with Chef Katie Sutton! @mimis_cafe


Being the non-foodie that I am, I quickly got excited about the most American item on the menu- the “le burger!” I do love me a le burger, and I couldn’t pronounce anything else anyway!

Not only was it delicious, but it truly converted me. I used to order my burgers with nothing on them- just cheese, ketchup and mustard, like the true fussy eater I am! But after eating the delicious “le burger de madame,” I will now always get tomatoes and pickles on my burgers! The extra flavors, with a combination of hot and cold ingredients made it tantalizing to my taste buds! Oh, and looking at the photo now reminds me that it also had an egg on it! Delicious!

Le Burger De Madame #MimisNewMenu


Ok – now for the best part… after dinner, I think I actually squealed out loud! They brought out ::drum roll:: breakfast for dinner! Isn’t that too cute?!

Breakfast for dessert?!  @mimis_cafe you rock! #mimisnewmenu

Seeing Chef Katie walk out with these amazing desserts with a huge smile on her face was too fun! I just love when you can really tell that people have a true passion for what they are doing. And let me tell you – she does it well!


Ohh, the waffles…I couldn’t have been happier. I knew they would have some amazing, delicious dessert…which I would have to pass up because of my year-of-no-sugar. I think I bounced up and down when they brought out waffles with strawberries! I haven’t restricted whole fruit, and while there may have been a small amount of strawberry syrup on the waffle, I wasn’t concerned about it.

Good thing, too, because it was absolutely delicious. So delicious that when an extra one appeared, Daniel and I devoured it!

After our breakfast desserts, it was time to wrap up this night of amazing food…almost! We all left with boxes of fresh croissants in hand, and us bloggers were given gift cards, so we could return and try out something else from the new menu!


My husband and I are already looking forward to heading back soon! The food was amazing and we can’t wait to try something else!

Thanks Mimi’s Cafe for a wonderful night of food from #MimisNewMenu!


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John October 31, 2013 - 10:47pm

Mimi’s Café has ruined itself. They got rid of all of the old favorites. It is a public relations disaster for them (see their Facebook page), but they do not care. They do what they want, and they do not care about their customers. They tell us that change is hard. That we need to try something new and come up with a new favorite. Change is very easy. Finding a new restaurant is very easy. I have not been back to Mimi’s since they changed the menu. When I was there, they had a “Cobb salad,” which was basically a bowl of shredded lettuce, with very small bits of bacon, tomato, and egg, barely visible. Overpriced lettuce. I complained to the manager. He was unresponsive. He said he had nothing to do with the changes, and that I should write to the company. I have done so (on the Facebook page), and so have hundreds, if not thousands, of others, but Mimi’s Café is tone deaf and unresponsive. As I said, they do not care. They think that we need to adjust. We already have. I will not be back.