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30 After 30 & Mid-Year Goals

by Megan

So I had this list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30, and I remember posting the list and thinking, “Man I have SO MUCH TIME to do all of this.”

Then all of a sudden I was 30.

That’s pretty much how it happened.

Making 30 look goooooood!

Actually, I completed quite a few of the goals on my list, and I wrote about many of them. It’s time to move on, make some new goals, and think of a new name for my list of goals! But before I do that, here are some of the posts I wrote about the goals I checked off over the past few years:

My Skin Care Routine
Donating to Charity
Run a 10k
Have a baby

Moving forward I will probably focus on yearly goals, or time period goals, such as “during this pregnancy,” or “before Vanessa starts Kindergarten,” etc. My long-term planning goes through the next 7 years, as that is (probably) the rest of the time that I will have young children at home.

This post is well-timed, as we are approaching the end of the first half of this year. So I’m going to set goals for the remainder of 2014, and revisit them in January.

I am already working on my list of 20 Wishes for this year, plus I have the remaining goals on my 30 Before 30 list, and I also chose a few “words of the year” for 2014. So I thought I’d consolidate all of those things into one place.

My Current Goals

Words for 2014:

Goals for 2014:
my marriage
my faith
my fitness
my blog

Remaining 2014 20 Wishes:
1. complete a 5k, a 10k, a half-marathon, and a full marathon
2. dip Harrison’s feet in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans
4. get all my photos and videos organized and backed up
5. record an album
7. take a class, any class!
8. improve our backyard
9. visit Maine/road trip cross country with my family/take throwback photos with my husband
11. attend two blogging conferences
13. do something that scares me
15. have a mommy and me day with each of my children
16. optimize all blog posts/optimize my site
17. find the perfect pair of jeans
18. automate what I can (blog and life)
19. go on an overnight staycation with daniel
20. have a 24-hours-of-me day/treat yo self

Remaining 30 Before 30 goals:
1. weigh 130
13. get into a routine of meditating for five minutes a day
14. take singing lessons/extend my belt range
19. take (and hopefully pass!) the Mensa test
20. renew/update my teaching certificate
21. buy gymnastics mats/be able to do a backhandspring
23. plant a garden
25. try out different cosmetics/decide on my favorite brands and products
26. find 100 geocaches total (34/100)
27. watch the AFI’s Top 100 Films
29. learn how to better control my lucid dreaming

Now that I have all of my various goals, wishes, and words in one place, I can see what it is I want to focus the most on, for the remainder of 2014.

In the second half of 2014, I want to:

1. Have fun with my husband and family
2. Do the “dirty work” on my blog (fix old posts, optimize my site, set down routines… The goal is to have all of my “backstage” stuff in place, with a solid routine, so that 2015 can be totally focused on great content.)
3. Train for a marathon (to be run in Jan/Feb 2015)
4. Become more efficient (purge all unnecessary clutter, set routines, automate tasks)

I think we’ll start off #1 with a trip to Mexico, tomorrow!

Do you set goals or have a bucket list? How do you keep yourself on track?

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Jessa June 13, 2014 - 12:58pm

I love your goals!! You are totally amazing and motivating me!!