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by Megan

I was supposed to measure on Monday, but I think I did it on Tuesday or Wednesday. Anyway, here are the results:

weight: 149
chest: 39
upper arm: 11.5
waist: 32
abdominals: 38
hips: 39
thigh: 21.5

So another six pounds and 2.5 inches. Not bad. But I seem to be losing it all in my hips and not in my middle, which is very me. But I’ve lost at least a little in each area, so that’s good. I’m smaller all over. I have high hopes that the next three weeks will be better.

I should have taken a picture of myself on Tuesday night… I got a pair of brown knee high boots for my 150 reward (which I’ve been wanting for awhile), and I looked hot. I’ll take one soon.

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rachbug December 9, 2008 - 5:01pm

You are doing great!!! I have the same problem with hanging on to fat in the middle of my body. I am apple shaped(no curves, no skinny waist). Carter is so cute!!! Can you believe how fast they grow? Keep up the good work.