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Mark Your Calendars

by Megan

This Valentine’s Day, I (and some great co-hosts) will be bringing you the “I {Blog}Love You” Bloglovin Hop!

It’s time to spread the love, the BLOG love that is!

I use Bloglovin to follow all my favorite blogs. It is the best site I’ve found for keeping track of my top reads. It allows you to group blogs into categories, and it shows you when there are new posts to read. You can “heart” posts, so you can save your favorites and find them later, and the site works so that you click through to the actual blog, which helps out the blog owner and allows you to see the post as the owner intended!

If you don’t have your blog set up on Bloglovin yet, then head over there and search for your blog’s URL. Once you find it, you can claim it with a simple process!

Be sure to come back here on February 14th to link up your Bloglovin account and find some new great reads! See you then!

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1 comment

SpiritedLife January 17, 2013 - 4:34am

Love BlogLovin’! It’s much easier than any other reader. I used to use Google Reader, but it was a lot more complicated.