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Marathon Training Week 16: Twenty-Six Point Two

by Megan

Last Saturday I joined an exclusive club. I started running and stopped after I had gone 26.2 miles. I am a marathoner.

But more about that in another post (coming soon)! Today is all about the final week of my marathon training plan for beginners. Week 16 is finally here!

Marathon Training Week 16

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This is the week where I got really excited, and also started to rethink my life choices. 26.2 miles, really? Who does that?

I also did a little more research on the marathon I had chosen, and then I was full-on freaked out. Last year only 32 people ran the full marathon! I hadn’t realized it was such a small number. A larger marathon would have more beginners and more participants overall, and I would be more likely to have some company at the back of the pack. But I was committed, so the hometown marathon it was!

The final week of training has very little running. It’s time to let your body recover, get in some good nutrition, and rest up for the big day. There are two 3 mile runs and one 3 mile walk.

My mom and my husband both offered to do the walk with me (oh sure, y’all want to come when it’s walking!), and it ended up being more convenient for me to walk with my mom with Harry in the stroller. Daniel watched the bigger kids. Our walk almost got derailed by rain and then by baby fussies but we managed to fit in the whole 3 miles.

At the end of the week was the Big Daddy, the 26.2 miles, the marathon. I’ll do a full recap of that in another post, but for now, let’s cover the training tips for the final week.

My marathon training plan has come from the book The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer. Here are the tips given for week 16:

Marathon Training Tips: Week 16

Mental preparation:

Utilize your relaxation techniques from previous weeks to relax as much as possible this week. Anxiety is normal but should be kept to a minimum, as it can lead to fatigue. Use the time you would normally be out running for intentional relaxation.

You may be doubting yourself this week, so now is a great time to remember the importance of positive thinking and adding the phrase “but it doesn’t matter” to any negative thoughts.

Physical preparation:

The running schedule this week is primarily to keep your body loose, so don’t overdo it. Make sure to do your stretching, get rest, and prepare mentally.

Make sure you check the weather forecast and are prepared. If it is going to be cooler at the start, you may want to wear layers and discard the outer layer during the race.

Start the race at the pace you ran your 18 mile runs and not faster, so you don’t wear yourself out, and remember to drink early and often!

If you’ve been following along on this program, I’m super proud of you, and I know you’re gonna rock the marathon! If you have been training using this program, or if you’ve ever run a marathon, please feel free to leave your tips and stories in the comments!

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