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Making Teeth Brushing Fun

by Megan

Kids love toys. Duh, right? But I’ve learned that any time you can turn a chore into a game or make it fun in some way, kids will be way more willing to cooperate!

When my kids saw that we had received a box of tooth care goodies, all they saw were the characters on the packaging, and to them that meant “toys!”

Getting kids to brush their teeth is way easier when their toothbrush is FUN!

I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of Firefly®, REACH®, and One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

Like my oldest, who normally drags his feet when it’s time to brush his teeth, couldn’t wait to get the job done, when he saw that he had a brand new Kylo Ren Lightsaber Firefly toothbrush!

Firefly Kylo Ren Lightsaber Toothbrush

So of course, the boys had to wear their matching Kylo Ren shirts for the occasion!

Boys brushing teeth

Not only did Carter happily brush his teeth, but he’s been using the toothbrush as a toy ever since. I think I’m going to have to institute some rules about how toothbrushes stay in the bathroom, but I’m just happy that he’s so excited about a toothbrush (ahem, lightsaber)!

The cool thing about the Kylo Ren toothbrush is that it lights up (of course, it’s a lightsaber after all), but it’s also a timer. For 60 seconds, the toothbrush blinks a red light and Kylo Ren talks to you intermittently. He’s not overly encouraging (it is Kylo Ren after all, not really a nice guy), but it keeps the kids entertained and brushing for the correct length of time! You can get yours at Walmart or Walgreens.

Ready to brush or fight

Harrison tried out one of the REACH UltraClean toothbrushes that we were sent- the soft one for his little baby teeth! He loves to copy his big brother and sister, so tooth care has never been a battle with this one!

The REACH UltraClean toothbrush is available at Walmart and Target. They are available in a 4-count value pack, so you had always have extras for guests or when you run out!

Brush those baby teeth

All clean, Mom! Usually I have to take the toothbrush away from him at some point, because he loves brushing so much!

All clean

I grabbed one of the REACH Advanced Design brushes, because it’s been awhile since I’ve replaced my toothbrush, and you should replace it every 3 months (or after you’ve been sick)! This toothbrush is available at Walmart and Walgreens in a value pack of two toothbrushes, great to have a spare on hand!

Also in our package we got the Firefly Spiderman Fun Pump Rinse. It comes with a little cup and a compartment at the bottom to store it. Mom loved that!

Firefly Anticavity Rinse

I also love that it’s a kid-friendly flavor- “Amazing Melon.” My daughter hates anything that tastes or smells minty, so she will love the fruity taste (she was off with Gramma and Grampa when the boys and I gave everything a test run!).

Firefly recently launched their Lights, Camera, Smiles! sweepstakes on the Firefly Facebook page, where one lucky grand prize winner will win a trip for a family of four to the movie capital of the world: Hollywood! So after you brush your teeth today, log on for your chance to win!

We would definitely recommend these products to anyone with kids who have a hard time wanting to stop playing and start the bedtime routine. Bringing “toys” to the sink is a great transition!

Fun with brushing
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