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by Megan
Low Carb

I’m convinced that my weight woes are largely due to carbohydrates. My cousin who is training me, and who is a big crossfit proponent, also believes that low-carb is the way to go. I’ve been wanting to try it, but it is HARD to cut out carbs. Do you even know how many foods have carbs?! One Lean Cuisine has over 50!

So I wanted to know how many carbs I should try to eat each day, because obviously you should still eat vegetables and a small amount of complex (whole wheat) carbs. I searched online and found the following information from this site:

150-300 grams/day – Steady, Insidious Weight Gain
Continued higher insulin-stimulating effect prevents efficient fat burning and contributes to widespread chronic disease conditions. This range – irresponsibly recommended by the USDA and other diet authorities – can lead to the statistical US average gain of 1.5 pounds of fat per year for forty years.
100-150 grams/day – Primal Blueprint Maintenance Range
This range based on body weight and activity level. When combined with Primal exercises, allows for genetically optimal fat burning and muscle development. Range derived from Grok’s (ancestors’) example of enjoying abundant vegetables and fruits and avoiding grains and sugars.
50-100 grams/day – Primal Sweet Spot for Effortless Weight Loss
Minimizes insulin production and ramps up fat metabolism. By meeting average daily protein requirements (.7 – 1 gram per pound of lean bodyweight formula), eating nutritious vegetables and fruits (easy to stay in 50-100 gram range, even with generous servings), and staying satisfied with delicious high fat foods (meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds), you can lose one to two pounds of body fat per week and then keep it off forever by eating in the maintenance range.
0-50 grams/day – Ketosis and Accelerated Fat Burning
Acceptable for a day or two of Intermittent Fasting towards aggressive weight loss efforts, provided adequate protein, fat and supplements are consumed otherwise. May be ideal for many diabetics. Not necessarily recommended as a long-term practice for otherwise healthy people due to resultant deprivation of high nutrient value vegetables and fruits.

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I found this fascinating. I’m not sure how many carbs I was previously consuming each day, but I’m sure it was in the “weight gain” category! So now I’m shooting for around 75 grams a day. I don’t expect to be under 25 in any given day, but I want to be under 100, so I thought 75 would be a good goal. I think I’ll shoot for an under 50 day once or twice a week.

I downloaded a great app that tracks carbs and calories- Carb Master.

Hopefully I can combine a low-carb diet with my April Challenge to lose some weight before my birthday in May!

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