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Low Carb Pizza Recipes

by Megan

Going low carb can be an effective, quick way to lose weight. It can also be a good way to lose your mind, if you love bread! With my cravings in mind, I searched to see if there was even such a thing as low carb bread. Turns out there is. And not just regular bread. There are bagels and cookies and pizza crusts and more! Last night I used a low carb pizza crust for some absolutely delicious low carb pizza recipes!

Low Carb Pizza, yep it's possible. Check out my low carb pizza recipes!

My search for a low carb bread brought me to several forums where people were talking about ThinSlim breads (and other products). One reviewer went into great detail about how he tried the various foods, testing his blood sugar after each one, and he reported that the ThinSlim foods did not spike his blood sugar.

The company themselves put that claim right on the packaging: “100% Guaranteed to NOT spike blood sugar.” So I ordered a variety of their food products to see if I would like them.


So far, I’ve tried the honey bread, chocolate glazed cookies, and the pizza crusts. And maybe it was because I smothered them in cheese and other delicious toppings, but the pizza crusts were my favorite by far!

Last night I made two low carb pizza recipes with the ThinSlim pizza crusts. With both, I started with layers of pizza sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese.


I’m sure there are low carb pizza sauces out there. I just used a generic version of pizza sauce, and the carb count was pretty low, especially considering the small amount that was actually used and consumed.

I added pepperoni to one pizza…


…and then made a Greek-style pizza with green peppers, feta cheese, and pineapple. Mmm…


The ThinSlim crusts did not come with cooking instructions, so I gave it my best guess. I preheated the oven to 350F and put the pizzas in for about 13 minutes total. Next time I would do 15 and let the crusts get just a bit more crispy.


The final result was enjoyed by the whole family, and I’m looking forward to some leftovers today! The ThinSlim pizza crusts are a little more expensive than other versions, but you are paying for the ingredients necessary to have a delicious low carb product, and for me the pizza crusts are worth it!



Just two days left in our “Baby Steps to a Better You” challenge! After today, that is. And today’s challenge is to make a food swap.

Do you have a food vice that you crave every day but is doing nothing but harm to your health? How about 3 or 4 of those?! Just me?

Would your life be improved if you were able to cut out one of those unhealthy foods? If so, consider swapping it out for a healthier version. Think sparkling water for soda, or salsa for cheese dip. Any time you are able to resist the craving, you’ll be better off for it! As for me, I’m 15 days Coke-free! It really does get easier the more time goes by.

Make healthy choices today, and then come back for our last two days!

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