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Love Your Laundry Room

by Megan

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I wish I had a “mom hack” that made laundry more fun, or faster, or easier. Unfortunately, laundry is usually just…laundry. But, I can show you how I made my little laundry room into a place I don’t mind spending a little bit of time every day. It’s time for a laundry room fresh-over!

Love Your Laundry Room: Laundry is a chore, but if you do it in a beautiful, practical space, you might enjoy it a little more!

What is a fresh-over? Well other than being a word I totally made up (and then Googled and realized it’s not a “thing”), it’s like a mini makeover. If I wanted to totally makeover my laundry room, I’d get a new washer and dryer, put in shelving and cabinets, and special lighting, and really go to town. That wasn’t in the cards just yet, so this time I settled for a fresh-over, adding some fun and useful details to make doing the laundry a little more enjoyable!

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It all started in the Dove suite at Mom 2.0 in Scottsdale. Dove sponsored the blog conference and set up in this beautiful, white room, with a centerpiece table that had huge glass vases filled with different Dove soaps. As you can imagine, the smell was heavenly.


When I got home, I decided to try to recreate this on a smaller scale, as well as prettying up my laundry room. So I headed to The Container Store (#favorite) in search of some cute matching containers I could use for laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and of course my tower of Dove soaps. I found them in the food storage section!


The Click Clack containers were just the size I was looking for, and The Container Store also had these adorable little scoops!

Actually, I didn’t find those scoops on my first try, which is why my scoop is different. I saw them just a few days ago when I was touring the new Container Store that just opened yesterday in Phoenix! Had I known, I would have gotten one of these when I got my Click Clack containers.

I already loved The Container Store, but getting an exclusive tour of every aisle before the new store opened was pretty darn cool! If you happen to live in the Phoenix area, the store is having its grand opening this weekend!


Stop by to see all the fun products for organizing every aspect of your life, giveaways every hour on the hour, and outstanding customer service. 10% of the opening weekend sales will be donated to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation, which I personally endorse because of the outstanding care they gave my little guy!

So I took my containers home and spray painted the lids gold.


I wanted to leave the soap container open to release its lovely fragrance into the room, so instead of painting the lid, I taped off and spray painted around the top of the jar.


The rest was pretty easy. I got a big package of Dove soap and arranged them in the tall jar, put powdered detergent in the medium jar, and put the dryer sheets in the smallest jar, and I arranged the jars on a cute tray I found at Home Goods.


The final touch was this cute laundry printable that I found on Etsy, which I printed out and put in a frame that I painted at Elevate Conference over a year ago! (It all comes back to blog conferences, apparently.)


And that’s it! Now my laundry room is cute, good-smelling, and practical! Oh, here’s a little secret- I hid my stain remover and delicates bag behind the jars- tee hee!


Don’t you love it when things can be both practical and adorable? Me too.


Baby Steps to a Better You: Day 27


We are almost to the end of our “Baby Steps to a Better You” 30 days of personal challenges, and I think today’s challenge might be one of your favorites! Today I want you to designate and design a “happy place” in your home.

This can be any place you choose, but it might be best if it’s an area that only you usually visit. I spruced up my laundry room, as you just read about, but I think my happy place might be my side of our master bedroom closet. It has all of my things, and is a very low-traffic area! I have shelves where I can display my favorite things.

Only happy things are allowed in the happy place! Put up pictures that make you smile, objects that remind you of great adventures you’ve had, and your most treasured items. Put up artwork that makes you feel good. If you have room, maybe you can put a comfy chair and some favorite books. Add some good-smelling candles. Whatever makes you happy!

Now you have a place to retreat when you need a break, or a place that makes you happy when you pass by several times a day. Have fun with this one, and take a few moments every day to visit your happy place!

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Nicole R September 27, 2015 - 10:41pm

Fresh-over should definitely be a thing. We can’t always completely makeover but I love doing smaller scale things like this to make life happier. I LOVE what you did here. :)