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Losing It

by Megan

As of today, I have lost 19.2 pounds since mid-May!

My blog started out as a weight-loss-after-baby-keep-me-accountable blog, and it has turned into a full blown mommy blog, but I still like to write about fitness and nutrition now and then. I set goals each month, and usually there is one that is weight loss or exercise-related.

Me at my high school graduation, with my siblings

I never struggled with weight until I went to college, and even though I was about 20 pounds heavier throughout college than I was in high school, I was still a decent weight for my height (5’1″). But after having kids…things are different!

Me in college

I gained 50 pounds with my first baby, managed to lose 40 of it, but then regained about 30 before getting pregnant again. I only gained 20 with her, but that brought me right back to the same weight at 9 months pregnant. After having her, I lost 10-15, but struggled with the rest.

Super pregnant in 2008

So when I started getting serious about this in May, I had about 40-45 pounds I wanted to lose. And three months later, I’m about halfway there!

We do want to have another baby soon, so I don’t know if I will be able to reach my goal before then. But every pound that I lose now means a lower starting weight!

So what am I doing? Well, for starters I have had no sugar. It’s been almost three months since I’ve downed a delicious Coca-Cola (my #1 weakness) or eaten a candy bar. If you’re looking to lose weight, no sugar goes a long way!

Also, I am training to run a half-marathon, and I know that all miles I’ve been logging have helped a lot!

And lastly, drinking lots of water!

I did not drop a ton of “water weight” right at the beginning. I have had to fight for each and every ounce that I’ve lost so far. Over three months I’ve had maybe 2 or 3 times where all of a sudden the scale dropped over a pound at once. Every other time (every day), I would lose just ounces, or even fluctuate up a pound or two.

The good thing about the “no sugar” rule is that it leaves me a lot of options for when I do need to treat myself to something delicious. I can have all the pizza in the world, or I can drive through a fast-food restaurant for a burger. Of course, the better I eat, the faster I will lose the weight, but this way I can treat myself without cheating on my plan.

Last week

I will keep you all posted on my progress!

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Brighton Harper August 16, 2012 - 2:18pm

That’s wonderful! Mine has dropped little by little but I’ve had a harder time dropping my daily Coke. I’m down to one can a day but it’s so hard! My hat’s off to you girl! It’s very inspiring!

mrsbonnbonn.com August 16, 2012 - 1:07pm

that’s awesome! the my fitness pal app is a great tool for keeping up with caloric intake if you are going that route too. I notice that unless I stay at a certain caloric then I don’t lose weight.of course I’m not paying too much attention to that because I’m pregnant right now…

THE COOK'S August 16, 2012 - 3:21pm

Wow!! That’s awesome girl. Gosh, the no sugar would be really tough for me. You are stronger than me! Ha. :) My weight loss has been super slow. The last 10 pounds has been killer to get off. I might use your tips a week here and there. Thanks for sharing! xo

simplyevani.com August 16, 2012 - 7:21pm

What a fabulous fitness journey! 20 lbs is a lot! I’m hoping to jump on the fitness train soon (I talk about it more than I should) but I guess I’m waiting for more time to appear which clearly it’s not! Thanks for being an inspiration :)


Kadi August 16, 2012 - 10:21pm

That is a super cute picture of you from last week. I am so happy for your awesome accomplishments. Congratulations!

RadiantKristen August 17, 2012 - 2:40am

Congratulations! You are setting yourself up for such a great pregnancy by getting healthy before you start trying to grow and nurture another life. That is awesome =)

Kristen @ All In My Twenties August 17, 2012 - 3:03am

19 pounds is AMAZING!! You are perfect inspiration for the rest of us!!!

Thanks you so much for linking up!!


Pamela August 17, 2012 - 5:53am

Hey mama! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I’m glad to read up on yours! CONGRATULATIONS on such amazing progress..you are a beautiful lady!
Good for you in everything, that’s seriously inspiring! Best of luck in continuing the training for a half-marathon too! You go girl! <3

Megan August 18, 2012 - 1:38am

Good luck next week and with everything!

Congrats on the 19 pounds!

Rachel August 20, 2012 - 2:09am

Congrats! The second babies weight came off much slower. We plan for another down the road, but I want to be in much better shape first! Found you over at naptime review!

Mary August 20, 2012 - 4:30am

Hi, I found you through the Monday Mingle Blog Hop and I’m so excited for you! Sounds like you’re doing awesome, I will be in your shoes again once I get this child out of me! The things we put our bodies through to be a mom huh?

Julia P F August 20, 2012 - 2:02pm

Good for you. It’s got to be a lifestyle change! Found you in the moms mingle…