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"Look, Max, it’s got six speeds!"

by Megan

Well, how are we doing? Life has been busy! Too busy to blog, as you can see. Here are some bullet points for my life right now:

  • We bought a house! We close on it next Friday, and I am so excited to get the keys and start working on it. We hope to get it painted and maybe the new carpeting put in before we leave for Maine.
  • We’re spending the summer in Maine (and NYC and DC, with a stop in Memphis), and we’ll be gone from June 8th until around the third week in July. We have tons of fun things planned including: road trips, Broadway shows, 4th of July in DC, the beach, theme parks, visiting sentimental places, Hard Rock Cafes, and exploring new cities.
  • We’ll be officially moving into our new house in the early fall, and we’ll be switching into Patton Ward after I wrap up my calling with the Primary program in San Pedro.
  • Carter is 8 months old, and just as sweet as ever. He crawls and cruises, loves to eat and laugh, and is interested in everything and anything around him!
  • My birthday is in a few weeks, and I’m going to be 23…for the third time.
  • My parents, Cynthia and Alma, Lindsay and Chris, and Daniel and I are all doing a four week biggest loser challenge, and Daniel and I are going to win it all! Each person contributed a ten dollar gift certificate to a different place (movies, itunes, coldstone, mcdonalds, bookstore, etc), and the couple with the greatest percentage of weight loss wins it all. I find that I do much better with competition!
  • I’ve been getting up early in the morning to go running before Carter wakes up. Yesterday I ran my first 5k in well over a year. My time was embarrassingly slow, but what were you doing at 5:30am yesterday morning?!?!
  • Daniel’s ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ musical was a big hit and made about twice the amount of money his other musicals made. The kids were fabulous, and it was so much fun to watch how the show changed from night to night. I’m so proud of you guys!
  • The spring music department concert is Tuesday the 12th, at 7pm (jazz band at 6pm). If you want to hear some incredible original music (and some equally stunning choreography), be there!
  • My quote contest will end on May 31st, and the person who correctly identified the most quotes will get a prize chosen especially for them. I will try to get in some more quotes before then, so that there is still a chance for anyone to win!
  • I will be dancing in the danswest recital on June 7th with my tap class. We rock.
  • I will be dancing in the community tap performance, on May 24th, as part of the advanced tap master class for National Tap Dance day.
  • My students will be dancing in their recital on June 6th, at the LDS church in St. David, at 2pm.
  • I’m slowly breaking through that awful plateau of baby weight, and I fully plan on getting to where I want to be by the end of summer. I’m also planning on fully weaning the baby within the next month, so hopefully that will help me to drop the last few pesky pounds that I hope my body is hanging onto for the sake of producing milk!
  • I have become slightly addicted to Craig’s List, especially now that I have a Craig’s List app on my iPhone! Still looking for that perfect oven!
  • Decorating an entire house is way more fun than planning a wedding (and I loved that!). It’s like crack to me.
  • The long pauses between the bullet points now tell me that I’m really stretching and this is probably all that’s worth mentioning for now!

I will update more often, I promise! I’m going to be posting pictures soon of things I want to buy and/or have already bought for our house. And we’ll definitely include pictures of our summer exploits.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Kadi May 6, 2009 - 3:02pm

Biggest Loser! Fun! Glad life is busy, but get back to posting because I need entertainment!

fort mcdowell May 23, 2009 - 1:58am

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fort mcdowell May 23, 2009 - 2:00am

So I’m looking at the photograph of Carter in the white hat, and thinking “hey, isn’t that the same outfit that goofy not-quite-donny-and-marie blond guy on High School Musical wears? Complete with ‘Jazz Hands’ expression?”