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Littlest Pet Shop Party

by Megan

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Last week we had a small gathering at our house, to try out some of the new Littlest Pet Shop toys, and view a Littlest Pet Shop DVD! Vanessa loves this show, and she was excited to have a fun playdate with her BFF Laura!

We set up our living room for the perfect viewing/playing party. We laid out a blanket with all of the new toys, in front of our TV that was playing the DVD, so that the kids could assemble their toys while watching the show. Of course refreshments were a requirement…!


Big brother Carter joined the girls and had fun putting together the Littlest Pet Shop Style Set. The two girls each got to put together the Blythe Bedroom Style Set.


The Style Sets are fun and easy to snap together, although I would definitely recommend an adult’s help. Each set can be a standalone toy, or kids can stack them both horizontally and vertically to create their own custom skyline and extended playset!

In an increasingly electronic world, it was nice to see the kids get some hands-on interaction with building these sets and see them come together as a 3D unit. Carter said he wants to be a builder when he grows up!


But for those kids who truly love their apps, these toys are compatible with the Littlest Pet Shop app! Just scan the toy pets you have, and watch them come to life, digitally!

The style sets come with many little “Deco Bits” in various colors and shapes, and the buildings are designed so that there are lots of different places where kids can add them in, to customize and decorate the playset to their own liking.


The Littlest Pet Shop TV show, on the Discovery Family Channel, encourages kids to, “Be who you wanna be!” I’m enjoying watching my little ones grow up and discover who they are and who they want to be.


The line of Littlest Pet Shop Style Sets includes several different buildings, each of which come with different characters. This is a great option for the upcoming gifting season, as you can build up a collection and play with all of the sets together!

Do your kids watch the Littlest Pet Shop? What’s on their Christmas lists?

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1 comment

Rebecca November 5, 2014 - 2:57am

Thanks for having Laura over for this fun party! She loves having the freedom to decorate the bedroom play-set just how she likes it!