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Little Boy Says

by Megan

I need to do a better job of writing down the funny things Carter says. I love this idea from Cheri at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.

One thing I do now is I pdf print my Facebook page month by month. (UPDATE: Check out this tutorial to save your Facebook posts and photos!) I’m not a very good journal writer, but I feel like my Facebook page is a pretty good representation of everything we do as a family! Many of Carter’s gems are in those archives!

Here’s a few for your enjoyment:

Me (taking my iPhone from Carter): You need to put your head down and close your eyes, because you are tired.
Carter: Noooo!!!
Me: I know, it’s not fun to take a nap, is it?
Carter: It’s not fun to take phones away from people.

Carter, talking about his toy: “Thomas can go to the farm, and then to the ice cream shoppe, and then he can go into the barn, and we can fold it up and carry it away from our sisters!”

Carter: (clearly going in his diaper, and seeing me look at him) “Nuffing…nuffing going on over here.”

Me: “Carter, you have two Sir Topham Hatts, Vanessa can play with one.”
Carter: (crying) “I haaaave threeeee!”
Me: (laughing) “You have three?!”
Carter: (crying) “I neeeeed fooooouuuur!”

Me to Vanessa: “Where ya going, big butt?”
Carter: “Haha! You got it wrong. It’s Vanessa!”

Carter: “Vanessa’s awake!”
Me: “What’s she doing?”
Carter: “Just being a goober. You come see the goober!”

Me: “The faster you get a diaper change, the faster we can go downstairs.”
Carter: “No, faster I might fall!”

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