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Linky Followers

by Megan

I’m going to give Linky Followers a try! I signed up earlier today and was immediately overwhelmed by how busy the dashboard was. When I signed up for Pinterest, they had me from the beginning because of how ridiculously easy it was to set up and go! This might be a different story, but I’m going to give it a fair chance!

See the new button on my sidebar? I’m going to be co-hosting a Linky Followers follow fest, on Valentine’s Day! I will post more information about that soon.

In the meantime, here is a quote from an in-depth tutorial on using Linky Followers:

“I would suggest considering at least joining Linky Followers and adding your blog even if you haven’t decided on adding the widget to your blog page. This will allow people to find you and add your blog to their readers even if you choose not to use it to follow other blogs. That way if GFC does disappear someday, you will have an account already established in Linky Followers with followers in place.”

Hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance to take some time with my Linky Followers account, get it set up, follow all my blogs, and then see how I like using it! I will report!

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