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LEGOLAND Discovery Center Birthday Party

by Megan

When I started Shaping Up To Be A Mom, back in 2008, I was just about to become a mom to a sweet baby boy. Last month that sweet boy turned eight! We were invited to celebrate Carter’s 8th birthday at the brand-new LEGOLAND Discovery Center, at the Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe. So we invited his classmates and headed across town to party, LEGO-style!

Everything was awesome at our LEGOLAND Discovery Center birthday party!

The LEGOLAND Discovery Center is an awesome place to spend the day, and a great place to have a birthday party! There are lots of different activities to keep kids entertained (you could definitely spend the better part of the day there), and the party portion of our visit was perfect.

We opted for the “premium” party package, which includes 75 minutes in a party room, with a dedicated party host, a LEGO building activity that the kids get to take home with them, pizza, drinks, and cake. Carter opened his presents in the party room as well, and then the kids were free to experience the center, with all of its rides and activities.

This is the first time we’ve done a party at an outside location, and I have to say I would do it again and again! We actually had the party one week before I was due to have a baby, so it was essential to make it easy on me! And easy it was.

The party rooms are decorated in a colorful LEGO theme, the food is prepared and even served for you, the LEGO building activity is fun and keeps kids entertained while waiting for their pizza, and they get to take home their creation as a party favor! All I had to do was send out invitations and bring Carter’s gifts along!

When we got there, we met our party host, Alex, who showed us to our party room and expertly guided the party along.


He was a fantastic host, communicating with me on everything, and relating well to both kids and adults. The kids got to building their LEGO sea planes right away!


Soon the pizza arrived and everyone dug in! We had 10 kids and 7 adults, and the two extra large pizzas were just enough to feed us all.


After eating, Carter opened his presents. He got so many fun things from his friends, Mom and Dad, and Gramma and Grampa- mostly LEGO-themed of course!


Then it was time for the cake!


Wait no, not that cake! That one is made of LEGOS- just for show!


The real cake was delicious, and after everyone had indulged, we headed out to experience the Discovery Center!


Alex helped us load all of Carter’s gifts and everyone’s favors onto a cart, which they stored for us, and they also stored the leftover cake in the fridge while we played. He brought the party guests to the front of the Center so we could experience all of the activities from the beginning, and then he was off to host another party!

We posed for a picture and then got in line for one of the two rides at the Center, the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride, where you shoot a laser at targets to try to zap the bad guys, save the princess, and get the highest score! The line was long, but everyone enjoyed the ride.

From there we walked through Miniland, which showcases some of Phoenix’s most-loved landmarks, including the Grand Canyon, Chase Field, and Sky Harbor Airport.


Then we entered the main area of the Center, which has lots of different stations:

  • Merlin’s Apprentice Ride
  • LEGO Racers: Build & Test
  • LEGO Factory Tour
  • Creative Workshop
  • Earthquake Tables
  • LEGO Friends: Olivia’s House

and LEGO City: Play Zone, an indoor climbing playground where the kids spent most of their time!


There’s also a cafe, a store, and a parents’ lounge area. And the last thing we did before heading outside to meet parents was the LEGO 4D Cinema!


The cinema plays several different short 3D movies, with special 4D effects. Everyone from our 3-year-old to the grandparents enjoyed it!


When it was time for the fun to end, all of the kids were begging to return to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center again soon, and I think the adults agreed! We will definitely be back again soon with our kids to spend more time experiencing all that the center has to offer!


If you live nearby and are interested in having a birthday party at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center, you can find all of the information you need on their website.

You can also get annual passes for $65, which give you unlimited entry for 12 months. I’m thinking Christmas gifts! We can’t wait to visit again!

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