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Lego Party Ideas: Lego Car Racing

by Megan

My son has discovered the world of LEGOs, and there’s no turning back now! Of course he had to have a LEGO birthday party, so we got creative and came up with a variety of activities and decorations to make his party truly “awesome!” See my whole page of Lego party ideas here!

For one of the activities at his party, we did Lego car racing, letting the kids build their own cars and race them down a track!

LEGO Party Ideas: LEGO Car Racing

Lego Car Racing

My mom ordered a package of Lego car wheels and parts, added a large selection of other Legos in various shapes and colors, and the kids got very creative with their automotive creations!

Lego Cars

After they were satisfied with their creations, they raced them down the track!

Lego Car Racing {Lego Party Ideas}

My mom made the track with some boards from Home Depot, a little paint, and some “bumper” sticks taped to the sides. We just set them on a little hill at the park, and they did the trick! I think the white lines down the middle really “make” the track!

Lego Race Tracks {Lego Party Ideas}

The kids were so engrossed in making and re-making their Lego cars, that we had to force them to leave that station and come eat pizza! That’s when you know an activity is good!

Racing Lego Cars {Lego Party Ideas}

Looking for more Lego party ideas? Click the collage below, and have fun throwing your own Lego bash!

Lego Party Ideas

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