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Lego Party Favors

by Megan

When the Lego party is over, you don’t want to send your guests home empty-handed, do you? Looks like you’re in need of some Lego party favors!

When Carter had his LEGO birthday party, we had lots of ideas for decorations, activities, food, etc. Our Lego party ideas were in abundance! When it came to deciding on a favor to send home with the kids, it seemed like a no-brainer. Send them home with LEGOS!

Lego Party Ideas: Lego Favor Bags

Lego Party Favors

We had so many ideas and more activities than could fit into the party, so we sent our guests home with several things! First, they got to take home their Lego Man Craft they made during the party. Click the link for the tutorial!


Then, our last activity of the party was making Lego cookies while kids were getting picked up, and the kids (and parents!) brought them home to eat later.

The Lego cookies were cute and easy to make. All you need are square shortbread cookies, colored frosting, and M&Ms. To make their cookies look like Lego bricks, the kids spread their choice of colored frosting onto their cookie, and then used the same colored M&Ms for the top!


Making Lego Cookies


But the big hit was the Lego treat bags, with a small selection of Lego bricks inside. My mom made the cute Lego Movie tags and tied them onto the bags. One of the moms said that her son went home and played with his bag of Legos for the rest of the day!


And because Gramma just couldn’t resist, she also printed out characters from the Lego Movie and taped them onto lollipops. These went quickly as kids grabbed them on the way out!


Looking for more Lego party ideas? Click the collage below, and have fun throwing your own Lego bash!

Lots of Lego Party Ideas

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