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Lego Party Decorations

by Megan

This Saturday is Carter’s birthday, so I thought it would probably be a good time to wrap up with the last couple of posts about his epic LEGO birthday party last year! Since then I’ve been sharing all of our Lego party ideas, and today we are taking a look at the Lego party decorations we used!

Lego Birthday Party Decorations #LegoPartyIdeas

My mom, Carter’s Gramma, is the artsy one, and she likes to go all out for birthday parties, so she came up with the ideas for the decorations, with a little help from Pinterest. Then she made all of them!

Lego Party Decorations

First, she made a bunch of these LEGO bricks out of cardboard, and painted them bright colors like the real LEGO bricks.


We hung those up around the ramada where the party was held, and they looked great! Because they were cardboard, they were good for an outdoor party; they wouldn’t have blown around, even if it had been windy that day (it was hot!).


But Gramma wasn’t done yet! She found some downloadable LEGO letters, and made several banners and signs for the party.





Those were the main decorations, and then we added some extra special touches, like some LEGO head jars and LEGO hand sanitizer!


Another great way to bring in the LEGO theme is with the cake! There are lots of creative ideas out there- making the cake look like a LEGO brick, and things like that. Carter wanted a LEGO Movie scene on his cake, and luckily our local party place was able to make an edible print to put on his cake!


So there you go- some simple and cute Lego party decorations, sure to make your party pop!

Looking for more Lego party ideas? Click the collage below, and have fun throwing your own Lego bash!

Lego Party Ideas

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