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Lego Party Ideas: Lego Man Craft

by Megan

What is it about Legos that enthrall kids of all ages? All three of my kids love to build and dream up stories with their Lego sets. Last year, Carter had a LEGO birthday party, and I’ve been sharing all of the Lego party ideas that we used to throw the big bash.

Today’s feature is this Lego Man craft, that my mom put together.

Lego Man Party Activity #LegoPartyIdeas

Lego Man Craft

The craft is simple, but it does take a bit of prep work. You’ll want to start with a template for the Lego man (click the link for a great one), and you’ll use that with yellow cardstock to cut out as many Lego men as party guests, or more!

Lego Man Party Activity #LegoPartyIdeas

You should also use your template to create other templates for the Lego man’s clothes. Create a template for his shirt, left sleeve, right sleeve, pants, and shoes/feet if you wish.

Then you need some colorful foam sheets, preferably the adhesive kind. Use those with the templates you made to cut out different colored shirts, pants (“Honey, where’s my paaaaannnts??”), sleeves, and shoes.

Add some fun adhesive stickers like this space-themed set, and don’t forget the foam letters!

Lego Man Party Activity #LegoPartyIdeas

This fun craft was a huge hit with the kids! For a good portion of the party, they were all crowded around the Lego Man table, creating their Lego Men and adding all the fun stickers they wanted, or adding their names with the alphabet stickers.

The Lego Man craft would be a perfect activity to have for kids who are a bit shy, or who don’t want to do the more active games, or for when everyone is tired of running around!

And bonus- they get to take home their creation!

Lego Man Party Activity #LegoPartyIdeas

Looking for more Lego party ideas? Click the collage below, and have fun throwing your own Lego bash!

Lego Party Ideas

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I’m loving this Lego Man craft. Hoping my almost 6 year old is as excited about it as I am.