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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

by Megan

Time is short, but you can still give your mom or wife a fantastic Mother’s Day! The good news is that it doesn’t have to take a lot of time, money, or creativity to make Mom feel happy and appreciated. I’m going to share the two necessary ingredients for making the day great for Mom, and I’ll also give you a variety of ideas for what you can do for last minute Mother’s Day gifts. Let’s do it!

What do Moms want on Mother's Day? It takes just two special ingredients to make her feel amazing on her special day. Come find out what they are, and get a variety of ideas for a last minute gift for mom!

On Mother’s Day, there are two very important things to give the Mom in your life. The first is recognition, and the second is relaxation.

Mother’s Day Ingredients: Recognition and Relaxation

Moms work so hard. I know that’s often said, but (if you’re not a mom yourself) have you ever stopped to think about it? Moms don’t get to punch out of work. Moms work constantly. Especially with multiple kids, and especially with young kids.

Moms don’t get a sick day. Moms can’t “call in.” They aren’t even guaranteed a lunch break! The job is never, ever done.

So yes, I believe the number one thing you can give Mom on Mother’s Day is recognition for her hard work. She wants to feel appreciated and loved, but even more than that, she wants you to understand and realize how difficult her job is. Rewarding, yes. Important, yes. And often so, so hard.

For all of those same reasons, the second ingredient is relaxation. Give Mom a “day off!” Don’t let her do any of her “chores” on Mother’s Day, but make sure they get done for her!

With those two things in mind, you can’t go wrong.

If you’re still needing a gift idea for Mother’s Day, here are some last minute ideas that Mom will love.

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Yesterday I guest-hosted a TV segment where we showed off these ideas for last minute Mother’s Day gifts, and here is what we suggested:

1. Spa basket for a relaxing evening at home

Even if it’s late Saturday night and you’re running out to whatever store is open to get Mom a gift, you can find items to put together a nice little basket of treats that Mom can use to pamper herself. A soft blanket, some bath salts and a face mask, and a delicious treat will really make her night. Then let her have the house to herself to enjoy some peace and quiet!

2. Fine jewelry will always “wow” Mom

Chamilia.com has beautiful sterling silver jewelry, and an overnight shipping option! Their “Treasures” collection is gorgeous, dainty, and totally affordable.

Some years Mother’s Day should be a sloppy breakfast-in-bed and construction paper cards prepared by the children, and some years it should be fine jewelry from Dad. Is this year that year?

3. “Um…let’s go shopping!”

If you are here right now because you woke up Sunday morning, remembered it was Mother’s Day, and panicked, don’t worry! Put Mom in the car, drive over to your nearest outlets (Phoenix Premium Outlets for us!), and treat Mom to a day of shopping and a nice lunch.

Or if you can sneak out and grab some gift cards, let her go on her own or just save them to treat herself all month long. Take it from this Mom- some years it’s nice to have a creative, well-thought-out gift…and some years Mama just wants to get what she wants!

4. DIY for Techy-Types

A few years back my husband presented me with this artwork of him and our two oldest kids saying “I love you.” It was such a sweet and unique gift. Literally nobody else in the world has this!

Yesterday I posted specifically about this sound wave art, with details on how to make or buy your own. So check out my “This is what I Love You looks like” post for all the info!

5. Handmade from the kids

Let the kids get in on the action and create some fun thumbprint art for Mom (or in our case, Gramma!). I got flowerpots in four different sizes, for my four kids to create little thumbprint insects! Just dip their thumbs in some acrylic paint, press it onto the flowerpot, and after they are dry, use a black paint marker to add in the details.

You can do this with lots of items- a picture frame, a wooden box, or even just a decorative canvas. Thumbprints can be used to create just about any design!

So there you go- lots of ideas for making this Mother’s Day a great one. Just remember- recognition and relaxation…and maybe a little chocolate!

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