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Lansinoh SmartPump

by Megan

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month! I just learned that, and it’s a little ironic because I’m having a baby in early September. But even though I won’t actually be breastfeeding in August, now is the perfect time to get ready! Along with all of the other things I’m preparing for baby’s arrival, I have a brand-new breast pump, sent to me from Lansinoh, to try out when my little one comes.

A must-have for any new mom: The Lansinoh Double Electric SmartPump! (ad)

Although I do (almost) exclusively breastfeed my babies in the first 9-12 months, I have found a breast pump to be useful with each newborn. It can help boost your supply, relieve pressure, provide milk storage, and allows others to feed the baby when you need a break!

With my first baby, we didn’t introduce a bottle for several months, and by then he had NO interest in taking it! With the others, we introduced a bottle early and let them have one every day or two, so they were used to it.

The new Lansinoh SmartPump is the first-ever, Bluetooth-enabled pump. It pairs with a free smartphone app, which adds a level of convenience by tracking things like your pumping/breastfeeding schedule, diaper changes, baby’s growth, and more.

Home-Input Screens

Beyond the extra tech, the SmartPump is an excellent double electric breast pump, which comes with all of the accessories you’ll need, including extra bottles and an insulated bag for storing milk on the go.

SmartPump Contents

With my previous pregnancies, I only had a single, manual pump. It still did the trick, but it was a lot of work and time to pump. Moms who will be pumping more regularly will definitely want something like the SmartPump, which can allow them to do other things while pumping!

I’m so happy to have the Lansinoh SmartPump on hand, and it’s currently sitting next to my packed hospital bag, just ready for when baby decides to make her grand entrance (in 25 days, but who’s counting?)!

Lansinoh Double Electric SmartPump

Whether you’re counting down the days until baby, already a mom, or hoping to become one, you’ll definitely want to watch this sweet video Lansinoh has just released, called “Being A Mom Is…” Enjoy, and if you have any breastfeeding or pumping tips, please leave them in the comments!

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