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Kindergarten Rodeo Day

by Megan

On Friday, I got to visit Carter’s school and join in the fun for the Kindergarten Rodeo Day!

We planned on having our third baby when Carter started school, which happened to work out perfectly. But it did mean that I couldn’t be as involved with Carter’s school as I’d have liked. I still make it in to volunteer in his classroom once or twice a month, and I’ve made it to all of his class parties and events (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, QU Wedding), but I haven’t been able to go on any field trips or stay for longer than an hour at a time in the classroom.

So I was so happy when I got to spend the morning with Carter, watching him have fun with all the activities they had set up for Kindergarten Rodeo Day!

His class got called first to have their “Wanted” poster photos taken (we’ll get a copy but haven’t yet), so that meant that they got full run of the activities before any of the other classes came out! The activities were set up on the school’s front yard, and the kids were just set free to do whatever they wanted (with their buddy).

Kindergarten Rodeo Day“Milking the cow”

Kindergarten Rodeo Day

Kindergarten Rodeo DayOld time shaving!

Kindergarten Rodeo DayColoring their bandannas

Kindergarten Rodeo DayFace painting!

Kindergarten Rodeo DayCactus ring toss

Kindergarten Rodeo DayHorseshoes

Kindergarten Rodeo DayWater “gun” duel

They even had pony brushing and a petting zoo, but Carter wasn’t very interested in those. Several times he and his friend decided they just wanted to play on the playground. I made sure they did all of the activities, though!

I also got to chat with Carter’s teacher who told me she was so impressed with Carter, as he got 100% on a math assessment and was the only one in his class to score so high! She said the questions were difficult but he knew all of them without hesitation. Go Carter!

After about an hour, they started serving hot dogs, chips, and juice boxes, so Carter and I got to sit on the grass, in the shade, together and enjoy a nice little lunch.

Kindergarten Rodeo Day

Then it was time for me to leave and for him to enjoy the rest of his school day. Fridays are “Fun Fridays” which means they do fun centers like legos and play-doh, etc. So after a fun morning of rodeo activities, they wrapped it up with having more fun in the classroom! Love his school and teachers!

Kindergarten Rodeo DayIt was a great morning spent with my cute little cowboy!

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Stephanie March 25, 2014 - 8:04am

How fun! I looks like he really had a blast!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely March 29, 2014 - 11:01am

How cute is that!? Looks like he had a good time! Love the old time shaving! ;)