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Keep Your High-Mileage Car Running With Pennzoil

by Megan

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You could get a good idea of my history from the cars I’ve owned. The ’92 Geo Storm whose back windshield caved in after a Maine blizzard, my beloved Rav4 that I had in college, the station wagon with the huge trunk that carried my belongings from Maine to Arizona, my beloved PT Cruiser that drove home our first two kids from the hospital, and now our Town and Country minivan that transports our family of 5.

Keep Your Car Running with Pennzoil #DropShopAndOil #Ad

Over the past two years, my husband and I buckled down, budgeted, and paid off all of our credit card debt, and then turned to our car loan. Early this year we were able to pay it off, so our much-loved van is now ours!


Now that our van is paid off and we are enjoying life without a monthly car payment, we want to keep our van running as long as possible! This van has been many places, all over the country, and she’s racked up quite the mileage, coming in at about 160,000, last time I checked.

One of the ways we keep our van running smoothly is with regular oil changes. That seems obvious, right? But who enjoys taking their car in for an oil change? If you’re like me, you put it off to the last minute because it’s just a chore!

I’m happy to say that getting your car’s oil change can be a chore no more, thanks to Walmart’s Automotive Care Center.


If your local Walmart has an Automotive Care Center, you’re in luck. When it’s time for an oil change, just head over there for your weekly grocery trip, but instead of parking in the lot, drive around to the Automotive Care Center, and let them handle your oil change while you shop!

How many times have you sat around in an auto shop waiting room wishing you were anywhere else? Personally I hate wasting time, so I love that I can multi-task while my car is worked on. Also, these days I don’t go many places without a child or two or three by my side, and we all know how patient they would be in a waiting room!


Friday night I took our van to Walmart and got the oil changed while I shopped. I requested Pennzoil for my oil change, specifically the High Mileage Vehicle formula, which is suggested when car mileage is above 75,000 (um, yep!). All Pennzoil products help clean out sludge that lesser oils leave behind and provide better protection from friction. The High Mileage Vehicle formula is specifically designed for vehicles that have been well-loved and helps to reduce leaks and oil consumption.


I was actually on my own that night, so I enjoyed a little “me” time, browsing the aisles. I walked by the toys to get some ideas for Vanessa’s upcoming birthday, checked out the cosmetics (apparently I’m a “natural beige”), and looked for an end table for our living room.

When I dropped off my car, I got a slip of paper with a barcode that I could scan at any price checker, which would tell me the status of my car. Also, if you are not there when your car is ready, they will page you over the speaker, so you can take your time and not worry about rushing back just to wait.


There’s no denying the time saver that is getting an oil change at Walmart. The convenience makes it the obvious choice for me, and now that I have a very good reason for wanting to extend the life of my car (no car payment!!), I know where I’ll be going on a regular basis!

With a family of 5, we have to have a reliable vehicle. We love our car and will do what we can to keep her running, because she gets us to all the places we need to go!


Do you have any tips that would help my car run longer? Please share in the comments, and help keep me “car payment free!”

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David @ Spiced February 5, 2015 - 11:50am

The biggest lesson I’ve always followed with car care is to make sure the regular maintenance gets done on time. I love the fact that I can get my car’s oil changed at Walmart while I also check off some of my shopping errands at the same time! #client