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JCL Sonoran: An Oasis of Health in the Desert

by Megan

I wish I was sick. Okay not really, but when I toured the new John C. Lincoln Sonoran Health and Emergency Center a few weeks ago, I found myself thinking those words! The health center is brand-new, state-of-the-art, and gorgeous from ceiling to floor, outside to inside.


Some of us local bloggers were treated to a tour of the facilities, along with a catered lunch (Paradise Bakery, one my faves!), and presentations from some of the health experts who work there.


I just have to share this- I picked up Asha on the way, and we thought we had plenty of time, but for some reason my phone was saying it would take an hour to get there. But as we drove, we knew it wasn’t that far. Eventually I checked my phone and realized why it said it would take so long:


Um, what now? “Prepare to park your car.” And then walk almost a mile! Okay so there had been heavy rains and flooding the past few days, and maybe the roads had been closed, but they were open and just fine that day! Glad we didn’t have to walk.

I brought Vanessa and Harrison along, and they played in the adjoining room with some of the nursing staff. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so comfortable leaving my children in someone else’s care!

vanessa and harry

They got to color, play games, watch Doc McStuffins on a BIG screen, and learn about taking care of themselves. One of the nurses told me that they asked, “Do you go to the doctor when you get sick?” And Vanessa responded, “When I don’t feel good, I go and lie down, and usually when I wake up I feel better.”


While the kids played, we toured the Emergency Center as well as the Breast Health and Research Center.

The Emergency Center is gorgeous, designed in pale blues and maple wood. Take a look at the doors in the photo below- yep, they ROLL. This cuts down on loud noises throughout the center. Also, the blinds in the door can be opened and closed, so the doctors and nurses can check on their patients without necessarily entering the room and disrupting them.


The whole center is filled with beautiful paintings, many of them with surprising effects, such as water that seems to be running, or one that looked like fish swimming by in an aquarium. The artwork below opened up to reveal an eye chart, and the line where you stand to be tested was worked into the woodwork of the floor. Genius.


Check out this room, designed for children. See the hot air balloons in the ceiling panels? The rooms are also designed so that relatives and visitors can be on one side of the room, with the doctor and equipment on the other, so nobody is getting in one another’s way.


The average time it takes an emergency patient to be treated at the facility, from arrival to discharge, is 2 hours. 2 HOURS! I’ve never even been seen in such a short amount of time at any other emergency room.

Also at JCL Sonoran is the Breast Health and Research Center. This area is set up in a way that puts patients at ease, with it’s soothing colors and spa-like atmosphere.


They offer state-of-the-art 3D mammogram technology, which has resulted in fewer callbacks (people who need to be seen a second time because of an uncertain result) and earlier detection of breast cancer.


After the tour, we met up with our kiddos who had already started lunch upstairs. We had delicious sandwiches, chips, and cookies from Paradise Bakery!


Then we got to listen to presentations on child safety, women’s wellness, and more! Here’s Kara showing off the ideal plate:


Dr. Cori Veatch played a game with us during her presentation, where she gave us a scenario that included symptoms of childhood illnesses, and we had to respond with our answers on her Facebook page. I won the first prize- a gift card to Cartel!


I also loved the advice we got from Dianna Sciacca, who spoke on wellness. She taught us how to do “mindful breathing.” Basically, you breathe in and hold it for several seconds before exhaling. I tried it the other day when I was stressed out, and it really helped me to relax! She also reminded us that the best kind of exercise is the kind you’re willing to do!


We had a fantastic visit at the JCL Sonoran, and though I don’t hope that we need to be treated there any time soon, I know where I’m headed if an emergency does arise!

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