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I’m a Mama, Undercover {review & giveaway}

by Megan

I have had good experiences with nursing my two babies so far. It took a little while to get the hang of it the first time around, but once we figured it out, all was well.

Though I proudly nurse my babies, I prefer to do so in private whenever possible, and as modestly as possible! I just feel more comfortable that way. With Carter, I just used a blanket, which could be difficult at times, and then with Vanessa I bought a nursing cover, and it was glorious!

Undercover Mama is a company covering (literally) an area that blankets and nursing covers don’t always conceal. “Undercover Mama turns any shirt into a nursing shirt!”

The undercover is similar to a tank top, without the straps. Instead, it has hooks so that it can be hooked onto your bra straps. Then you wear your regular shirt on top. When it comes time to nurse the baby, you pull your regular shirt up, unhook the undercover, and nurse away, without exposing your tummy or back. Genius!

Undercover Mama offered me my choice of undercover to help facilitate my review, and I’m really excited to use it once baby #3 makes his appearance. I went with the white top with the lace trim, which I think will look pretty layered under any top!

I would have modeled it for you, but I didn’t want to stretch it all out! I know that this is something I will use regularly once baby comes.

Our undershirts are constructed of quality material and are made to last. Your Undercover won’t bunch up, slide around, or ball up after washing. They fit where you need them to while keeping you covered in style. The generous length allows you to tuck it in or go for a layered look.
Layer it under any shirt & keep your style without investing in a new wardrobe of nursing shirts. Two attachment options included with every shirt, Undercover Mama will work with any nursing bra…and like an undershirt with non-nursing bras when you are finished breastfeeding. Make nursing comfortable and affordable while keeping covered and maintaining your style.

I’m so happy that moms today have so many options and products to make things as easy as possible. Thanks to Undercover Mama for making a great, unique product, and for sharing it with me and my readers!

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