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I’m home! Week 7

by Megan

Weigh in: ?? I didn’t have a scale in Maine! Oh darn! ;)

Goal pants: I wore them once or twice, but still a little tight.

So I knew I was going to splurge in Maine, and splurge I did! I got to have all my favorite Maine foods twice, and we had a great time taking Carter to all of my favorite places. He even stuck his little foot into the Atlantic Ocean! …okay I put it in… :)

While I was away, I read the Body for Life book, and I am pumped up to complete the 12 week program! I’m going to either join the gym, use the high school weight room, or buy the bench and weights myself! Target has a good weight bench and set of weights for pretty cheap.

As for my goals- didn’t do too well with the food and water bit, but I did complete the first week of the podrunner 5k intervals. What I really like about it was that I don’t have to decide when I’m going to walk and when I’m going to run. When I’m on my own, it’s a second by second willpower decision whether I can keep running or not, but with this program I will follow it exactly. The thing I didn’t like about it was that the running/jogging sections were too slow. I’m sure it picks up in later weeks, but I couldn’t jog to the music because it felt like slow motion, so I just jogged at a faster pace, not to the music. I do want to complete this program eventually, but the Body for Life program has a very specific exercise plan, and so I’m going to be following that instead. I do have to say that it felt amazing to be running again, and I felt like I could run all day long!

So because I was gone, week 7 is now about half over. Today I’m going grocery shopping for all the foods that are allowed on the Body for Life plan (see www.bodyforlife.com), which I plan on beginning in week 8. So I have today and three more days before that begins. My goal for this week is just to plan for starting Body for Life- mentally and physically. I’m going to buy the foods today and plan meals over the next few days. Daniel is being really super supportive, so that is helpful; I won’t have to feel obligated to make different meals for him. The book sounded like the food would be really limiting, but the website is updated and includes a lot more. This week I will also get myself set up to use the weight room or get a gym membership so that on Monday morning I’m ready to go. I realized that this may mean I have to get up around 5-5:30am three times a week to get in my cardio before Daniel goes to work, but I’m committed, and I will do it!

So my next weigh in could very well be a gain because of my splurge week, but I’m confident that doing Body for Life will help me to achieve my goals, so I’m excited to get started on that! I’ll post some pictures from my trip soon! My little guy is growing up! :)

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