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I need your help!!!

by Megan

So I’m trying to make decisions about how to decorate our new home. Oh yeah, in case I haven’t updated this since, we have the house under contract. We have our inspection this Friday, and our closing date is May 15th!

I know that I want the kitchen to be a beach theme- the cabinets and appliances are white, the walls will be blue (little darker than sky blue), and the accent colors will be light green and dark sand. That is all set.

I’m pretty sure that for the living room I want to do a palm tree theme, with sage green walls (maybe one chocolate brown accent wall), and chocolate brown and tan furniture and accessories, with a little blue here and there. I have this great photograph my mom took of the top of a palm tree, which I want to get printed onto canvas and hung above the fireplace. The living room will also have one wall designated for family pictures, and probably also a large framed picture of the Mesa temple. I was thinking of using this theme/color scheme for our bedroom, but I think I want it for the living room for two reasons. First, our room is currently green and brown, and I would like a major change. And second, the living room and kitchen are open, and the similar colors would blend well and be pleasing to the eye, I think.

Okay, so here’s where I need advice. The other color I wanted to use was a dark red (maroon or wine-colored), so I’m thinking of using that for the bedroom. However, I was hoping to pair that color up with chocolate brown and tan. Here are my issues:

1. I’m thinking that the chocolate brown and dark red will be too similar and either clash or not look very different next to each other.

2. I know that I want to do one wall with a patterned wallpaper and paint the other three a matching color- but which colors do I use? Can I mix them up and do a red pattern on one wall and paint the rest brown? How about the other way around? Is it too much to do a patterned wall, paint the opposite wall a matching solid color, and then paint the other two in the other color?

3. If I go with a red pattern and matching red paint, then would a matching red bedding set be too much red? I want a chocolate brown headboard (microsuede), so I didn’t really want brown bedding, but would red be too much if the walls are red? Do I do chocolate walls with one patterned wall, with the chocolate headboard against that wall, with the red bedding?

4. Wine red seems like it’s too close to chocolate brown, but I don’t want bright red walls. If I do red, it definitely has to be dark. I like the look of chocolate brown walls, but then the red is only in the bedding, and I like the red patterned wallpaper with the brown headboard against it.

5. I also like tan or chocolate brown with light blue, maybe I should just go with that idea! That would eliminate the problem of the red and brown clashing, but Daniel mentioned really liking the red idea.

Here are some pictures to help you see my thoughts…

So post comments and help me with this!!!

If you’re interested, here are my other plans:

For now, the master bathroom will just have our current master bathroom stuff, which is blue and white. The nursery will have Carter’s white crib and changing table and blue and green bedding (which has purple and orange in it as well). I’m going to paint the nursery a matching green, so that it can stay that way for a girl. If I have a girl next, I can just add accessories and curtains to match the purple in the bedding. The guest bathroom will have the red paisley and black towels and accessories from our current guest bathroom.

The other rooms that I haven’t decided on yet are the guest room and the den, but those rooms are low on the priority list. Still, ideas are welcome!

Please help!!! I do not claim to have a lot of expertise in aesthetics. Come on you crafty people…

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Anonymous April 15, 2009 - 10:00pm

Wow, sounds like a real decorating dilemna! I like the idea of the patterned wallpaper, and i think that should go behind the bed and the other three walls should be painted a uniform color. It is hard to say what color to paint them until you have your wallpaper picked out. Good luck, sounds like you guys have some long painting days ahead of you! – Vanessa

Beans April 18, 2009 - 1:47am

“I have this great photograph my mom took of the top of a palm tree…” See, I believe you can pretty much go with whatever color/pattern scheme you want because all eyes will be on my breathtaking photograph.