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I am a genius…

by Megan

Today I was reviewing with Daniel which girls are in his theatre 2 class next year. There are only 5, maybe 6 (come on, Elise, English and math aren’t important), and so I was like, “It’s kind of like Delicate Impression again… It’s like Delicate Impression’s little sister… WE CAN CALL IT DELICATE IMPRESSIONABLE!!!!”

I love you girls- we are going to have fun. Maybe I’ll just take over the class. ;)

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1 comment

Elise June 15, 2009 - 4:22am

that is pretty genius and i would be the only person who was in delicate impression and delicate impressionable! the only thing is that that is during the CNA class, and i’m already signed up for that. but that’s only first semester! so 2nd semester is a promise but i just can’t during first semester