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How to Transition In and Out of Maternity Clothes

by Megan

Maternity clothes, who loves them? *crickets crickets* Okay sure, there’s the occasional top or dress that makes you and your bump look adorable, but after 9 months of gaining weight you are ready to kick those clothes to the curb! But wait, your regular clothes also don’t fit!

It can be tricky and downright depressing to go in and out of maternity clothing, but I have some tips that will help smooth the transition.

It's not easy to transition in and out of maternity clothes. What should you buy? What will fit you after pregnancy? Here are some great tips on how to smooth the transition and look great at every stage!

1. Find clothes that work before, during, and after pregnancy

Yes, they exist! If you’ve been on Facebook at all this year, I bet you’ve received some invitations to a LuLaRoe party. LuLaWhat? Yes, it’s a new clothing obsession line that is blowing up your newsfeed.


I had to give it a try to see what the fuss was about and…let’s just say that LuLaRoe is starting to take over my closet.

I’m 100% serious when I say that I’ve worn LuLaRoe tops while 9 months pregnant, and then while not pregnant at all (not even a little bit- I’m so done!).


Cassie skirt, Irma top, and Vanessa is wearing a LuLaRoe Mae dress!

Both the Irma tops and the Perfect Ts are super roomy to accommodate a growing tummy. After having baby, they drape flatteringly over your flatter middle section (and they are very forgiving, even if your middle section isn’t all that flat…ahem).

2. Embrace dresses

When you’ve just had a baby, or if you are pregnant and dealing with an expanding waistline, pants can be really depressing. It’s time to embrace dresses! You can be comfortable and feel beautiful and look totally put together!

I love the LuLaRoe Carly dresses- again, they work great at all stages of pregnancy, as well as before and after.


The Cassie and Azure skirts also have a stretchy waistband. I wore the one below to my baby shower, and I can still wear it now because of the awesome stretch.


Yeah, they had to cut string as big as they thought my tummy was. Ummm, someone lost big time!

3. Love Layers

Layering can be your friend when you are going in and out of a pregnancy. Start with a solid-color, long, fitted tee to keep everything all in place. Then add a looser-fitting patterned shirt. And then top it off with a solid cardigan.


Or, try a solid color, ruched tee (flattering on all body types), and top with a pretty patterned kimono. Looks great with jeans or a skirt that hits at the same place as the kimono.


4. Splurge on a few maternity pieces that make you feel fabulous

It’s not fun to spend your hard-earned money on clothing that you know is temporary, like maternity clothing. I found myself needing to buy some new pieces while pregnant with my fourth (and last) baby, and I really didn’t want to. But, when you account for transition time, you really can use maternity clothes for up to a full year, and it’s worth a bit of money to be comfortable during that time.

So go ahead and buy a few pairs of pants with that stretchy elastic top. They might be so comfortable that you find yourself wearing them long past the end of your pregnancy (or many years later…ahem).

I mentioned my LuLaRoe obsession- well, they are known for their super soft leggings. Two months postpartum, I find myself right smack in the middle of their two sizes. The smaller size does not fit me yet, although I plan on them fitting eventually! So I didn’t want to buy the larger size (which fits now but might not in the future), but I finally went ahead and bought a pair, because again- I want to be comfortable!


Bonus cute baby

5. Start a hand-me-down club

I bet you have sisters, sisters-in-law, or friends who are having babies around the same time as you. Start a “sisterhood of the traveling maternity clothes” and pass around a bin of the cutest pieces! It will save everyone money and sanity, and you’ll feel good passing your favorites onto someone you love who can use them again. (Speaking of which, who needs some maternity clothes?? He he he, SO DONE.)

No matter what, cut yourself some slack. You’re doing literally the most amazing thing anyone has ever done. You’re bringing a new life into the world. Take your time and try not to stress about what size you wear. You’ll get there.

My friend Pamela, who sent me some of the fantastic LuLaRoe clothing featured in the pics above, showcases and sells her inventory via her Facebook group each Friday. And today she is hosting a giveaway for $100 LuLaRoe cash!


Head on over to her group to find out how to enter (and hopefully win!) the giveaway!

I just have to share this: When I packed my hospital bag, I included a LLR Classic T to wear after having baby. The Classic Ts are relaxed but don’t have a lot of extra fabric to cover a pregnant tummy, so I hadn’t worn it yet. When I finally changed out of my delivery gown and into some regular clothes, I put on some sweatpants and that Classic T. It was so soft and just the feel of it against my skin was so comforting and cathartic after going through labor and delivery. Every new mama deserves to feel that good!

Be sure to join Pamela’s LuLaRoe group for weekly shopping and awesome giveaways! And if you develop a LLR obsession, don’t blame me (okay blame me, but then we can be LLR buddies)!

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Penelope Miller September 16, 2018 - 10:23pm

This article was so helpful. I am now 17th week pregnant and i am so excited about this.