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Home Workout For Abs

by Megan

Working out doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or even require leaving your home. I’ve started a series of “Workout At Home” posts to share simple workout routines that you can do…at home!

Today’s “workout at home” is a great, quick home workout for abs that will help build a strong core.

There is no reason to quit your ab workout routine now that summer is coming to a close. A strong core is always a plus, and it will keep you motivated as we move into the holiday season. I’m from warm weather country, so the amount of time I am able to “cover up” with sweaters and jackets is very short! Basically the time to get ready for next summer is now!

In sticking with my “workout at home” theme, I’ve come up with a fantastic ab workout that will keep you interested and motivated. Ab routines can get boring, so this workout allows you to decide which move you are going to do first. You can start at the beginning, you can start at the end, or anywhere in the middle! Either way, you are going to get a fantastic ab workout.

This routine can be done daily, or as little as three times a week. It’s up to you, your motivation, and your desire for results. If you’re a busy mom-of-many like me, you know how important quick mom workouts are!

But before we get to the workout, I also made you a free at-home workout plan! This is a schedule that tells you exactly which workouts to do on which days and provides you with links to all of my at-home workouts that target each area of your body!

All the preparation is done for you, so now you just have to get your sweat on! Fill out your info below to get my Free At-Home Workout Plan, then get moving!

Are we ready to strengthen our core? Let’s get started!

Home Workout For Abs

25 Crunches with feet on the floor– traditional crunches, hands resting gently behind ears or neck, elbows out, chin to the ceiling
25 Crunches with feet up and knees at 90 degrees
25 Crunches with legs straight up in the air
30 Second Plank– on hands or forearms
15 Bicycle Crunches– back and forth, 15 on each side
25 Russian Twists– grab a dumbbell or a heavy book, sit up and lean back so your feet are off the ground and move your arms from hip to hip, bringing the weight from your right side to your left and back, 25 times
15 Reverse Crunches– get into crunch position, but this time lift your bottom half toward your top half
30 Second Plank
25 Double Crunches– traditional crunch and reverse crunch, at the same time
25 Full Sit-Ups– at the end…so mean
25 Heel Touches on each side– lift your shoulder blades off the floor, then reach for your ankles, right side, then left side, 25 times each
30 Second Plank– throw in some leg lifts, if you want to be super bad @$$

Home Workout for Abs

This is a great routine to do after your regular cardio routine, or on your strength training days. It’s also a great way to wake up in the morning before your shower.

Beginners will focus on completing each rep, with no time restraints. Intermediate and advanced individuals may want to repeat the circuit, depending on how many times per week this work out is performed. Whatever your level, this is a quick and easy-to-follow routine that will have you well on your way to fabulous abs!

At Home Ab Workout

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