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Holiday Resolutions

by Megan

If you’ve been following along this month, you know that today we are wrapping up our 30 days of personal challenges, “Baby Steps to a Better You!” We’ve done workouts, healthy(er) recipes, and some life hacks along the way, and hopefully you are feeling well on your way to reaching all of your goals.

So you are in a great place to move forward. And we are moving forward right into the holiday season- a time where people eat too much, spend too much money, and tend to put their goals aside. But not you, not this year. Because you are going to make some holiday resolutions.

Holiday Resolutions

What are holiday resolutions? They are a jumpstart to the resolutions that we normally make at the beginning of the year. Why wait until January? Decide what you want right now, and when January 1st comes around, you’ll be so much further ahead than everyone who waits until the new year to get started.

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You are going to bypass the goal derailing that tends to happen from Halloween to Christmas and make your resolutions now. What do you want to do next year? What do you want to accomplish? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be?

You can have and do and be anything you want, if you are willing to work for it. Design the most amazing year in your head, and then make a plan so next year can be it!

Baby Steps to a Better You: Day 30


Today’s challenge is to make your holiday resolutions, and then get started on them! You have lots of time between now and the end of the year to make major changes in your life.

Identify what you want. Identify the first step.

Then take it.

Then keep going.

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