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The Holiday Fit List: Gifts for the Fitness Enthusiast

by Megan

I have been trying out a lot of great fitness products lately, as I’ve been running hard, training for my upcoming marathon. Today I wanted to share a list of the top 5 gifts for your favorite runner!

1. FlipBelt


The FlipBelt is really cool because it’s basically pockets, for when you don’t have pockets! It’s a stretchy band that you wear around your waist or hips, and it holds your stuff. Thanks, FlipBelt!

Sometimes when I’m running I really want to stop in somewhere for a drink, but I don’t usually carry money or my card with me. Now I can carry money, my cellphone, my ID and debit card, my house or car key, a protein bar or sport beans, etc! The FlipBelt doesn’t bounce around, so it’s a great companion for running, hitting the weight room, or whatever else you like to do for exercise.


2. Glimmer Gear

You can check out my review of Glimmer Gear here. I love their LED body belt for running at night! If you run in the dark at all, this is a must-have. They also have these slap-on bands that are great for being seen.

LED Slap-On Bands

3. FitBit Surge

Okay so it’s not actually available until January, but I’ll be first in line to get it! The FitBit Surge is combination fitness tracker/GPS/smart watch. It tracks daily fitness such as steps taken and calories burned, includes a heart rate monitor for continuous tracking, has GPS for tracking distance on runs, and it receives notifications like texts and phone calls. I. Can’t. Wait.


4. Personal alarm

I love the stylish ones made by ila Security, like the ila Pebble and ila Dusk. Each of their devices is stylish, portable, and easy to use in an emergency. The loud alarm emitted will make anyone think twice about bothering you!


5. Oofos

Oofos recovery footwear is on my own list this year! I haven’t tried them yet, but this is from the company, “Designed to jumpstart the recovery process, our incredible footwear offers unparalleled impact absorption and arch support. When your feet feel like they’re smiling, that’s the OO.”

Sounds good to me! I’d love a pair of these to slip into after a long run!


There’s my list of must-haves for runners! What would you add?

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