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Help Hungry Howie’s Fight Breast Cancer

by Megan

Some things I love, some things I hate.

Pizza? LOVE.

Breast cancer? Duh. HATE IT!

So today’s post will be very exciting for anyone out there who agrees with those statements!

You are probably aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and you may have noticed more pink things than usual as you’ve been out and about. Some companies like to change their usual packaging or logos to pink in October, to show their support of those who have experienced breast cancer, and they often give a portion of their proceeds to help fund breast cancer research.

Well, one of my favorite places is doing just that. Have you tried Hungry Howie’s pizza before?

I had never heard of Hungry Howie’s before moving to the Phoenix valley. In fact, the first time we tried it was when my husband and I came up to look for a house!

Hungry Howie’s “thing” is their flavored crusts. Yep, no more leaving crusts on your plate! Personally, I order 2x ranch crust (sometimes 3x!) because I LOVE me some ranch crust!

See those sprinkles in the corner, that glisten on the crust? THAT’S ranch crust!

Fun story: My husband teaches voice lessons, and Tuesday is usually our pizza night, after his lessons. The kids and I spend a little time at my parents’ house, and then we bring home a pizza. Sometimes we catch the end of his last lesson for the evening.

Last Tuesday, we brought home a large Hungry Howie’s pizza… and the kids and I ate the entire thing while he was still teaching!

(Don’t worry, I went out specially to get him food later on! He was happy!)

But that’s how good it is. My little guy who hardly ever finishes a slice had TWO and was going back for a THIRD.

So this month if you order from Hungry Howie’s, you can expect your pizza to come in a pink box, and for a donation to be made to the National Breast Cancer Foundation®. Together with their customers, Hungry Howie’s has donated over $2 million!

So to review:

We love pizza.

We hate breast cancer.

We can combine those two by eating at Hungry Howie’s in October!

And one more thing! You can have a chance at winning free pizza for a year, with Hungry Howie’s Love, Hope & Pizza contest. All you have to do is follow @HungryHowies on Instagram, and share a photo of you with the pink Hungry Howie’s box, with the hashtag #LoveHopePizza You don’t have to make a warrior costume, but I mean, it’d be fun if you did (see what I mean here)!

Well, it’s not Tuesday, but all this talk about Hungry Howie’s has me like:

Remember, any night can be pizza night!

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