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Pink Eye, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Oh My! Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Phoenix

by Megan

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Do you ever find yourself keeping track of time based on your illnesses? Like, “I remember what I was doing in the spring of 2010…getting pneumonia!” And, “oh yes, 2011 was the year of the gallbladder!” #itwas #ouch

No one likes to get sick, but it happens. And with the uncertainty of the future of healthcare in our country, it’s nice that there are a few options out there. One option is probably located on a corner near you: the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic.

Here in Surprise (suburb of Phoenix), it seems like we have a Walgreens on every corner! Luckily, we have one in town that also offers their Healthcare Clinic. No appointment needed; if you’re sick, just walk in, sign in, and be seen! We have utilized this service several times as a family.

Here are the “Top 3 Times I Needed a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic…”

Healthcare Clinic Phoenix #HealthcareClinic #shop

In 2009, our firstborn was just a baby…a baby with pinkeye!

We were out of town and needed to get him medication immediately, so that we could get the infection cleared up. One short visit to the Healthcare Clinic, and it was all taken care of!

Healthcare Clinic Phoenix #HealthcareClinic #shop

Then in 2010, I got pneumonia. Seriously. This was my husband’s reaction: “What is this, the Oregon Trail?!”

Yep, what started out as a sinus infection turned into bronchitis, which became pneumonia, and I topped it all off with a quick round of tonsillitis. Oh, and I was also running weekly dance rehearsals for 250 youth, in preparation for the Gila Valley Temple Cultural Celebration! Fun.

But one visit to the Healthcare Clinic, and I was armed with all the prescriptions (and there were many) I needed.

Then, this past November, our entire family got sick. It was a repeating cycle where at least two people out of the five of us were sick at any given time, for at least a month. The major culprit was a sinus infection, which required a trip to the Healthcare Clinic for me and my husband!

There are several reasons I like the Healthcare Clinic. They are open on weekends and weeknights, which is convenient, and they state their prices up front, so you aren’t guessing how much you will be paying for services. They do take most forms of insurance, and services range from health screenings, to vaccinations, to treatment for illness, to pregnancy tests!

Healthcare Clinic Phoenix #HealthcareClinic #shop

Convenience is the name of my game, and while I hope everyone stays healthy, I’m sure we will be visiting the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic again in the future!

Healthcare Clinic Phoenix #HealthcareClinic #shop
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Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom March 21, 2014 - 6:51pm

Pneumonia just takes it out of you. My dad is susceptible to it, even though he’s had the vaccination. What a relief not to waste hours suffering in an ER and get in and out at a Healthcare Clinic! #client

JenB March 24, 2014 - 10:06am

I wish there were more quick clinics around. We have Instacare Clinics, or try to hit the family doctor if we can get a quick appointment, but none of these ones just in a store (I avoid the ER if at all possible!). Sometimes I just want to know if it is strep and we need a prescription, or if it’s not, and we’re just waiting it out. But I totally know what you mean by remembering the years by the illnesses/injuries!