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Haircuts and Quitting Crayons

by Megan

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve written a good ole family update post. Things are hopping along here at the Tenney household, as we move into the holiday season!

How about we go from smallest to tallest?

Harrison is almost 16 months old, and with two new additions, he now has 6 teeth! He is walking everywhere and loves to tag along with his big brother and sister.


He also recently got his very first haircut!


He has discovered Carter’s old train sets, so he is now very busy when he goes to Gramma and Grampa’s house!


And although he’s not 18 months yet, since I work in the nursery at church, he comes with me!

And eats the bubbles…

He’s a little cutie who has been a little extra fussy lately, but we’ll chalk it up to growing those new teeth!

Next up is my Vanessa! She is 3, but 4 is fast approaching (in February). She can spell and write her name, and she draws the most adorable “people” who are basically heads with arms and legs and very happy faces.


Some friends from church and I set up a “specials” co-op preschool, so for a few hours each week, Vanessa gets to take music, arts & crafts, Spanish, and dance (with me)! She loves being with the other kids, going to different houses, and doing all the activities.


Vanessa gets to spend some time at Gramma’s house every week while I work, and earlier this month my mom took her and Harrison to story time at Barnes & Noble, where they got to hear and do activities about the book The Day The Crayons Quit.


Vanessa is no stranger to an angry fit, but most of the time she is a very agreeable, pleasant little girl to have around! I’m happy that I get to have her for another year at home after this one, but after that she will be SO ready for Kindergarten!


Carter is my big 1st grader, and he is doing a fantastic job in his accelerated classroom. Just the other day he read his first full chapter book, which he picked out at the book fair!


Carter loves school, especially seeing his friends William and Emma. He is doing great with reading and math, and always comes home in a good mood. The other day when I was rehearsing for my show, I forgot a word in my line, and all of a sudden I hear Carter prompting me. He had been following along in the script and knew exactly where I was and which word I was forgetting!


He will finish up soccer next week, with two more games and one more practice, where they get pizza and play a game against their parents!


And any day he gets to go to Gramma’s house is a good day for Carter!

I guess I’m next! I’ve been keeping very busy with blogging, work, housework, children, preschool, rehearsals for a show I’m in, rehearsals for the temple cultural celebration, and running! I am training for the Desert Classic Marathon here in Surprise, on January 31st, and yesterday was my first official training run.

I’ve also been busy with blogging events, attending a get-together for West Valley Moms Blog contributors and Blended Conference/Blogging Concentrated.


I’m excited for the holiday season. I think November and December will be nice and relaxed, after a very hectic Fall. I have lots of projects that I’m super excited about, and I don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do!

That brings us to Daniel, aka Daddy!


The show I mentioned that I’m rehearsing for? Yeah he wrote it. It’s called The Red Death, and it’s a collection of Edgar Allen Poe stories, reworked and set to music, and it’s going to be fabulous!

He just wrapped up performing in Barefoot in the Park, and he was SO good! The kids got to see a little bit of his show, and they’ve been quoting it to each other ever since!


In two weeks Daniel and I will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary! And in just 5 weeks, we are surprising our two oldest kiddos with a trip to Disneyland! I might be more excited than they will be!

Time seems to be running at full speed, but we are doing our best to enjoy each day while it lasts. Before we know it, a new year will be here!

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