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The Great Greek Taste Off!

by Megan

I want to thank Yoplait for sponsoring today’s #TasteOff, and giving me the opportunity to openly express my honest opinion.

The gauntlet has been thrown and the challenge set forth. Who’s got the best Greek yogurt?!

The Great Greek #TasteOff http://r.linqia.cc/1d7b528

In a national taste test, Yoplait® Greek Blueberry beat Chobani® Blueberry Fruit On The Bottom. But we wanted to “taste” it out for ourselves!

Carter and I took turns closing our eyes and feeding each other both the Yoplait and the Chobani yogurts, and the results are in!

The Great Greek #TasteOff http://r.linqia.cc/1d7b528

Before I tell you which one we chose, let me first say what I liked about each one. First, I liked the fact that Chobani has the fruit on the bottom. That allows you to mix it up as much or as little as you like. I enjoyed stirring it up and seeing the yogurt turn purple (simple pleasures!). I liked the Yoplait because it was smooth, and I thought it had a stronger flavor.

The major difference is that Chobani has more chunks, while Yoplait is a smoother consistency. So that may help you decide which one you’d like to try.

Let’s see how Carter’s taste test went:

Two thumbs up for two great yogurts! He pleaded for me to put them in his lunch for school (which I will!).

Then it was my turn! Both yogurts tasted great, but I ended up choosing the first one Carter gave me to try. When I opened my eyes, I saw I had chosen Yoplait!

The Great Greek #TasteOff http://r.linqia.cc/1d7b528

Which one do you think you’ll prefer?

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Kate @ Songs Kate Sang January 23, 2014 - 9:22pm

So cute!!!! Thank you, Carter!

Vicky @ Mess For Less January 24, 2014 - 3:07pm

Love how he closed his eyes! Yoplait was the winner in our house too!