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"Got a feeling twenty-(seven) is gonna be a good year!"

by Megan

The past two days have been some of the best days of my life!

I had a great birthday- got $100 from my parents that I’m spending on a new pair of tap shoes and a few new clothes, a blender from my brother and sister (which I requested because our old one broke, and this is a gorgeous new, digital one). And Daniel is giving me these, which I’ve wanted for literally years. They are currently out of most sizes, including mine (I am not a 5), but they said they will be getting more in, so as soon as they do, they are MINE!

We had awesome (read: unhealthy) meals all day, starting with cinnamon rolls for breakfast, pizza and cookies for lunch, and Olive Garden for dinner. Then we had cake and ice cream at my parents’ house, and then the plan was to go to a minigolf/arcade place that I had requested. Unfortunately, they weren’t open late enough for us to make it there in time (really, on a Monday night?!), so we ended up going bowling at a place nearby. We had fun!

Then, the next day I worked at my parents’ house, and near the end of my work day, my dad took me to the Verizon store, and we all (him, my mom, me, and Daniel) got new iPhone 4s! Daniel’s and my old iPhones were getting near the end of their lives anyway, and my dad needed to switch to Verizon since AT&T doesn’t get reception where they are building their new house. Needless to say, I am very, very excited about my new phone. It’s white. And I have a cool case.

You’d think that would be enough to qualify for a couple of great days, and you’d be right, but believe it or not, the best was yet to come.

After getting home last night, I got an email from the director of Sweeney Todd (artistic director of the best musical theatre company in Tucson and drama teacher who hires me to choreograph his musicals), asking me to direct the musical See Rock City, which his company is producing in November of this year.

That might not seem like something huge to someone not as acquainted with theatre, but if you’ve heard of the term “big break,” you could definitely apply it to this situation!

I’ve directed shows before, but never like this. This is a professional, well-known in Tucson, highest-quality theatre company, putting on the best local productions. As far as directing goes, and with the exception of the equity theatre in Tucson which doesn’t usually hire out, this is about as high as you get.

I’m always lamenting the lack of a performing career I’ve had since moving to Arizona, but my choreographing and directing career has exploded. I could not be more blessed!

He already asked Daniel to music direct the show, but he asked him again in the email he sent to me, so we’ll be a dynamic directing duo! I’m pretty sure the show is precast, so I don’t get much, or any, say in that, but I don’t care!

I could go on and on, but let me just finish by saying that the show is called See Rock City (and Other Destinations), and it was an Off-Broadway musical that opened just last year. It went very quickly to a licensing company, so not only am I directing this very contemporary show, but I will be directing one of the very first regional productions of it! This is a big deal. I could not be happier.

In other news, I love my family. Daniel is the best. Carter is super smart and fun. Vanessa is the sweetest, happiest little baby (who sleeps all night- yay!). I just try to keep the house clean and everybody happy! I finally feel mentally and emotionally healthy, after not feeling that way for a couple of years.

And so, the ONE thing that is not right in my life is the subject of this blog- losing weight and getting fit. I’m still on track and doing well, but I’m not there yet, so my fitness is the one thing I’m not happy with at this point. But I am doing my best to get there. I went on a run tonight, and it felt great.

Kadi invited me to join a group of people doing the “Game On Diet” which is a weight loss/fitness/healthy living competition. Yeah, she knows me. I like to win. More info on that soon!

Did I mention I’m happy?

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fort mcdowell May 26, 2011 - 9:43pm

Megan Rock(s)City!