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by Megan

I am so angry, and so ready to give up. I lost eight pounds, which are slowly coming back! Yesterday I exercised for about 3 hours, and it didn’t make a difference. This is impossible, and I hate it, and I’m so angry. I HATE the way I look, and I HATE trying to change it, and I HATE the fact that it doesn’t even work.

I get puked on about 80 gajillion times a day, which means that if I’m wearing the one outfit I have that fits (note that I didn’t say “looks good”), I no longer have anything to wear. Of course that’s probably just because the laundry isn’t done (because the laundry is NEVER done), and I probably didn’t get around to that because the dishes are overflowing, and Carter probably just managed to say “mama” ten thousand times in two seconds, and it’s pretty likely that both kids need diaper changes, and I’m about to explode over here.

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